Random Wax: Nan Warshaw - PopDefect 'Live With This'


December 18th, 2015 by bsradmin

We like to listen to vinyl on Fridays here at BSHQ. Every Friday we have a Bloodshot crew member randomly select a record from his/her personal collection and bring it to the office. The person has to explain why the album is on his/her shelves, and then we listen to it. We call this Random Wax.

Today's contestant is Bloodshot co-captain Nan Warshaw! She randomly selected PopDefect's Live With This from 1988. Here's her explanation on why it's in her collection:

"I met the PopDefect guys and became a fan of their music in the early '80s in college in Olympia, WA. After college, back in Chicago, I was working in venues, so I booked a couple Chicago shows for the band and they crashed at my apartment. Each tour after that, I booked more dates for them in the Midwest, and eventually their full national tour (where their phone bill was equivalent to all the money they earned). That was the first and last national tour I booked. A filmmaker friend of theirs toured with them for a year or more making a documentary of the band on the road, entitled Live With This; Adrift In America - I have a bit part in it, chatting in my kitchen when the band was crashing at my place. You can watch the trailer below."