Random Wax: Lydia Loveless - Herman Ze German 'Herman Ze German and Friends'


February 12th, 2016 by bsradmin

We like to listen to vinyl on Fridays here at BSHQ. Every Friday we have a Bloodshot crew member randomly select a record from his/her personal collection and bring it to the office. The person has to explain why the album is on his/her shelves, and then we listen to it. We call this Random Wax.

Today's contestant is a guest star! Our very own Lydia Loveless sent us her pick all the way from Ohio! She randomly selected Herman Ze German (Herman Rarebell, the drummer of the Scorpions) Herman Ze German and Friends from 1985. Here's her explanation on why it's in her collection:   

"This is one of those situations where I was really hoping I wouldn't pick something dumb, but we can't win them all. I believe I got this record at a record swap in Nelsonville, Ohio at Stuart's Opera House. It was a time when I was deeply into the Scorpions, a band I admire for not being cynical and just being intensely listenable to me without being lazy at their instruments. I actually had not listened to this until I randomly picked it, but it seems to feature my favorite songwriter of all time, Paul Collins, on keyboards on one of the songs. It's actually pretty damn good now I'm listening to it. Gee, who couldn't love a record featuring tracks like "Rock Your Balls" and "Junk Funk?" Thanks for helping me listen to this, Bloodshot!"