Random Wax: Jon Langford - The Upsetters 'Blackboard Jungle Dub'


February 19th, 2016 by bsradmin

We like to listen to vinyl on Fridays here at BSHQ. Every Friday we have a Bloodshot crew member randomly select a record from his/her personal collection and bring it to the office. The person has to explain why the album is on his/her shelves, and then we listen to it. We call this Random Wax

Today's contestant is a guest star! Bloodshot royalty (and Mekon and Waco Brother) Jon Langford sent us his pick all the way from...Avondale, Chicago! He randomly selected The Upsetters' Blackboard Jungle Dub from 1973. Here's his explanation on why it's in his collection:

"I just bought this crucial bit of Lee Scratch Perry at Bucket of Blood on Elston and California which is most convenient when I down brushes and venture out into Babylon to hunt for heavy grooves and Horror Mags. It's on grey vinyl! The benefits of grey vinyl escape me but the cover has a big rasta lion smoking a fat one on it, and it works for me. Lulu does not appear on this album."