Random Wax: Joe Swank - 'Krush Groove' Soundtrack


January 22nd, 2016 by bsradmin

We like to listen to vinyl on Fridays here at BSHQ. Every Friday we have a Bloodshot crew member randomly select a record from his/her personal collection and bring it to the office. The person has to explain why the album is on his/her shelves, and then we listen to it. We call this Random Wax.

Today's contestant is former all-star Bloodshot radio ranger Joe Swank, who paid BSHQ a visit today! He randomly selected the Krush Groove Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from 1985. Here's his explanation on why it's in his collection: 

The year is 1985. I was 17 and listening to virtually every kind of music there was, especially the new sound stylings of the hip-hop musics. Living in a relatively small town in Southern Illinois, the only thing that made it through the filter was top 40 music. Thanks to my best friend Mark, I was getting hipped to bands like The Time, Prince and Run DMC, a good album, sometimes two, before the rest of our town was in on it, save a few that had out of town contacts that could turn us on to stuff. As the hip hops grew in popularity, the moving pictures got involved, and the first SUPERstar rap film, was Krush Groove. The story is a loose telling of how a young Rick Rubin started Def Jam records with the help of a young Russell Simmons. The story is embellished for Hollywood, but it is very awesome to see the young Run DMC crew, LL Cool J, Rick Rubin and…for some unknown reason, Sheila E. She had star power thanks to her association with Prince, but was definitely the odd duck in this production, serving both as high end talent and a love interest. Not the best movie-making in the world, but it definitely signaled that hip hop was here to stay. Plus, still one of my favorite movie theme songs. KRUSH GROOVE BABY! Four years later, Vanilla Ice came along and I left hip hop for nearly a decade before returning to the fold. But that…is another story.