R-O-B in the U-K


October 31st, 2013 by Rami

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages recently appeared on the BBC TV show Later with Jools Holland.  It airs for the first time in the United States on Halloween (TODAY!) on Palladia at 10PM ET.

Bloodshot co-honcho Rob accompanied the band to London to wield his considerable influence, check up on Bloodshot's vast  UK "business interests" and make sure all went well.

Here is a brief photographic report before you enjoy watching BW & the S kill it on national TV (or "telly").

Our arrival in London was met with great fanfare.  It was really humbling to see how we got the proverbial "royal" treatment from our former lords and masters.

Really, the banner in front of Buckingham Palace was quite touching.

All the young people seemed to hip to BS cause, as well.  Everywhere we went, the kids were flying the BS flag!  Get with it Rest of the World!

After unceremoniously succumbing to jet lag,

Rob was whisked away to dingy places of refreshment ("pubs") by the Queen's Own Tour Guide:

The Cheshire Cheese (a favorite of Dickens) and Gordon's Wine Bar.

He was given tours of Westminster Abbey, palaces,and other such gaudy vestiges of empire, until he was taken somewhere he REALLY liked:

Afterwards,  Rob & Bloodshot's Executive Overseas Technology Officer Diana enjoyed some typically colorful and heart healthy British cuisine:

Finally, we traveled to the hinterlands (Maidstone) and the BBC studios for the taping of the show.

We were seated behind Frank Black (Pixies) and Hugh Laurie (House).  They played it all coy, like they didn't recognize me.  That's cool, though Hugh slipped me a demo cassette of his side project "Cowboy Hugh & the Untraceably Infections".  Love ya, baby.  I'll get right back to you.

Then Barrence killed it!

Then, the next night at the Blues Kitchen in Camdentown, they killed it again!

(Rob's one quibble with the place:  they fancied themselves an "American" bar, meaning they had no English beer….sigh.  I didn't go over there to drink Blue Moon, my friends –or "mates.")

Enjoy the televised fruits of the band's journey and, if you haven't already, GET THE DANG RECORD!  It's a sonic kick in the pants!