"Numbers" by Jeremy Mackinder


July 2nd, 2013 by Rami

Jeremy Mackinder, bassist for Deadstring Brothers (formerly of Whitey Morgan & the '78s), just played with the band at their 100th show of 2013 and wrote an account of 2013 so far, what touring with the Bros. has meant to him, and what's to come for the second 200 of 2013.

Last night, Deadstring Brothers played our 100th show of the year.  Seeing that tour didn’t start until Jan 31st, it’s a pretty good number. We were happy to celebrate it in NYC at Bowery Electric and it was a nice benchmark for the band to hit, though nowhere near our final destination.

Honestly, it’s just a number.  It’s good to keep track of things, it keeps goals inline and marking accomplishments helps you motivate to stay on course.

We’ve done a lot this year, including breaking into new markets across the country and overseas.  In another numbers game, we play in Connecticut this Sunday, which for me personally leaves only 4 states in the 48 continental ones that I haven’t played in yet—and we hit Rhode Island in October, leaving just 3.

I turn 40 this year, in October as well.  That’s a number that strikes fear into most people, I once again look at it as an accomplishment, and for someone who behaved in the manner I did in my late teens and early 20’s, it’s no small feat.

I had two best friends in high school, and one of them lives in NYC now.  He was able to make the show.  We shared a couple drinks, some old stories and some developing ones about our lives.  He had just turned 40 a few weeks ago. Between him and the other fella we ran with, we kinda summarized together what each of us are doing, how they are both enormously successful in their lives, family and career wise; they are both killing it. He told me how proud he was of me, that I was out here living the dream the three of us had while hacking away at our instruments in my parents' basement when we were 16, how that energy is still going on through me.

I looked around the van this morning.  It’s a mess, there’s just not the room needed in it for people to do what we’ve been doing since we started pushing hard on the road last year.  I’m so proud of Kurtis and Nathan for pushing through, and we retire this van soon, move into our Sprinter that we have so needed and earned. But, traveling in this capacity and persevering through it, somehow makes it even more significant to me.  It’s been brutal but none of us complain to each other about it; we’re just going to work.

So what do all of these numbers really mean? Nothing. It’s just the beginning. We’re staying out on the road the rest of this year, taking about a month off, and doing it all over again—just better and easier in the new vehicle. I’m proud of us. We’re driven as hell and honestly having the times of our lives—if you can’t see that when we’re on stage, you’re missing the point. We’ve got another album to make, and another show to do tonight, the 1st one of the 2nd 100 for the year 2013.

(Deadstring Brothers will continue to tour throughout 2013 in support of their new Bloodshot Records album Cannery Row.)