Introducing...the Bloodshot Records Covers Database!


July 30th, 2014 by bsradmin

20 years and 200-some records in, we've put out a lot of music. On all those records, we've put out a lot of cover songs. We love cover songs, and we know you do too. But how do you go about finding all the cover songs in the Bloodshot catalog? Read the liner notes for each album? Google it? We'll do you one better: the new Bloodshot Records Cover Songs Database. This is a list of every cover song we have ever put out, with links to buy the albums (or tracks, via iTunes and the like) on which they appear, sortable by song title, album, artist, and original artist (the one who made it popular). There's also a "Filter By Artist" drop-down menu.

Now you can find where Rhett Miller covered Roger Miller, where Ha Ha Tonka covered Led Zeppelin, where The Meat Purveyors covered Madonna, and much much more...

There goes your Wednesday evening, huh? Keep on, nerds:

(You can always get to the Cover Songs Database via the button in the store.)