EXILE ON IRVING PARK AVENUE: The Classic Rock Faves in the Bloodshot Office


January 1st, 2011 by Rami

In our ongoing attempts to answer the persistent questions: "who the hell works at Bloodshot and what is wrong with them? " we occasionally quiz the staff in the hopes of shedding light on what makes us tick. Perhaps, knowing us better, you will be more forgiving of our foibles, or even grow to feel something bordering on fondness for us.

In this installment, we address love of the Classic Rock. It is interesting that in this era of dead radio, downloads and short attention spans, contemporary culture is adding nothing to the classic rock canon. It’s become frozen in time. Also, despite a perhaps general hatred for popular culture, a particular kind of music, or the band as a whole, almost everyone can point to at least ONE SONG by many classic artists that they actually like. Not like now. (Katy Perry? Nickelback? Please....)

Rush, Genesis, REO Speedwagon, Steely Dan and Yes are exceptions. They are uniformly and undeniably loathsome.

So, we asked the hard working office monkeys here to name their favorite songs by a few CLASSIC ROCK artists that randomly popped into our heads. THEN, we asked them to name a Wildcard Song, something very much out of character, or a song by someone they otherwise dislike or dismiss, but when it comes on the radio, they can't help but rock out...

The results:

Internet Master JP:

Aerosmith: I DO NOT HAVE A FAVORITE AEROSMITH SONG, SERIOUSLY FUCK THIS BAND [Editor's note: Yikes, that's harsh…I mean I know they have a lot answer for, and everything they did post-rehab needs to disappear into an aural black hole, but still…]
The Zep: Side one of Led Zeppelin IV Or "Kashmir"
Stones (Rolling): "Paint It Black"
David Bowie: "Sound and Vision"
AC/DC: "Hell's Bells"
WILDCARD: QUEEN "Bohemian Rhapsody" — You can thank "Wayne's World" for that one. Hey! I was just a kid!

Retail Pete:

Aerosmith: "Back in the Saddle"
The Zep: "Black Dog"
Stones (Rolling): "Brown Sugar"
David Bowie: "Under Pressure"
AC/DC: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
Wildcard: Edgar Winter Group "Frankenstein"—one of the most kick ass instrumental songs of all time, period. [Ed note: I strongly disagree and consider this to be one the more egregious examples of 70's aural masturbatory noodling.]

Radio Joe:

Aerosmith: "Last Child" or "Hangman's Jury"
The Zep: Yeesh....um...that song they do that sounds like white kids playing blues and a cat screaming into an amp? Oh wait, that's all of them. OK..."Kashmir"
Stones (Rolling): "Tumblin Dice" or "Gimmie Shelter"
David Bowie: "Changes" or "Ziggy Stardust"
AC/DC: "Highway to Hell" or "Who Made Who" (ed note: Really? With the abundance of AC/DC kick-assery in their catalog you pick their limpest hit ever?)
Wildcard: REO Speedwagon: "Like You Do" -Seriously, this is an EPIC Rock song. [Ed note: I cannot find the words to express my disappointment in Joe for this …]

Or Kiss: "Shout It Out Loud"

Boss Lady Nan:

Aerosmith: "Walk This Way"
The Zep: There is not a song I like. The one I dislike the least is "Dancing Day"
Stones (Rolling): "Dead Flowers"
David Bowie: I love most Bowie, and like the rest.  My fave Bowie album is Hunky Dory. Since you're asking for classic, I'll go for the hit "Changes".
AC/DC: The song I'm closest to liking "All Night Long"
Wildcard: Queen "'39".  I love that song and want one of our bands to cover it.  I admit I like quite a few Queen songs. (ed note: sheesh, for someone holds the office record, HANDS DOWN, for most Grateful Dead shows attended, Nan seems awful hostile to some in the classic rock canon.)

Bookkeeper Anthony:

Aerosmith: No good in my book. Steve Tyler's mouth is just plain offensive to me, let alone it moving around with audio coming out of it. BUT, if I had to pick a song, then it'd be "Sweet Emotion". Still: Ew.
Zeppers: "Kashmir" or "Rock n' Roll"
'Stones: "Brown Sugar" or "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?"
Bowie: "Queen Bitch" or "Ziggy Stardust"
AC/DC: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
Wildcard: I'd have to go with "Take It Easy" by the Eagles. Don Henley kind of annoys, but when this song comes on the ol' FM radio, it somehow calms my mind. [Ed note: Oh, poor young and confused Anthony … when one thinks of Don Henley one's mind should not be calmed, it should be riled.]


Aerosmith: "Dream On"...barely...but tolerable.
The Zep: "Heartbreaker"
Stones (Rolling): "Monkey Man" - best line: "...all my friends are junkies...."
David Bowie: "Five Years"—"It Ain't Easy" and "Rebel Rebel" as old trusties, too.
AC/DC: "You Shook Me All Night Long"
Wildcard: Badfinger "Baby Blue"

Rob (Editor):

Aerosmith: "Back In the Saddle" Granted, few bands have worked harder to undo their legacy…
Zeppelin: "When the Levee Breaks" or "Misty Mountain Hop" (I ignore the Witchy-poo lyrics on that one and focus on the groove)
Stones: "Gimme Shelter" or "Paint It Black"
Bowie: "Heroes"
AC/DC: "TNT" or "Whole Lotta Rosie" If you don't like AC/DC, you don't like rocknroll.
Wildcard: "Stranglehold" by the Nuge. Yeah, a hairy Neanderthal blowhard, and maybe my Detroit DNA plays a role, but this one smokes, dude.

[Aerosmith photo by Carlos V]