Eddie Spaghetti from the UK


August 12th, 2011 by Rami

So we've clocked just over a week over here and I thought I should update y'all on how it's been going. Maybe it was finally having a great show last night in Newcastle that's got me motivated to write a little or maybe it was my wife's prodding. Probably the latter, but anyway you slice it, it's crazy out here.

Last night was the first "proper show" of the tour (well, maybe it was the second - London was pretty great too) and it was awesome to see all the fans come out of the woodwork to get a little taste of the Eddie Spaghetti. I was warned when I booked this tour that it would be a bit difficult getting people to come out to the shows at this time of year. I guess it's "festival season" so no one is really accustomed to going to clubs. Combine that with my limited popularity over here and it makes for a couple of pretty bleak nights. Not that I'm complaining - hey, I'm traveling Europe with my family and I'm actually getting paid to do it! And THAT is some good shit right there.

As I write this we are heading up to Scotland to play the always awesome Glasgow (on a Friday night no less), so it should be a good time all the way around. On the down side, my boy (and main merch salesman) Quattro has come down with what we have dubbed "dirty money syndrome". He's TOTALLY sick with a low-grade fever and a queasy stomach and a headache. He's a trooper though; he's doing his best to put on a bright face and barrel through this travel day. He's got technology working for him right now as he's watching a movie on his iPad, the latest Indiana Jones flick I think - he loves that Harrison Ford even if he is in his 60s...

Anyway, today is a good day for more than one reason. Today we got something that should put an end to the main source of our squabbling, that's right, there has been some first-class bickering between the two grown-ups on this trip - all based on the amount of time I have spent staring at my fucking phone. Well, the reason I was staring at it was because it had the directions to where we were going, which was a real pain in the ass to always have to get on the internet in order to know where the Hell we needed to go. But all that should be a thing of the past now that we have gone out and purchased our very own little Satellite Navigation Device!

That's right, we went ahead and dropped the coin on it and so far it has been the best money we have spent yet on this run. Not only am I not in charge of getting us there anymore, I'm no longer a slave to the iPhone while we drive either. That frees me up to be a way more pleasant passenger and allows me to do other things as well - like write this message to you good folks! We knew we were gonna need our own GPS when we went to pick up the car, and the rental company wanted 14 pounds (about 20 dollars) a day for their rental version! Considering we are going to be over here for almost five weeks, that would have been a staggering amount of money. We could've bought four of these gadgets with that kind of cash!

So, anyway, now we are cruising along, listening to "Tom-Tom Tim", our pleasant English gentleman, tell us when to bear left or make a right in 100 meters and that, my friends, is what I call Awesome...

We're all looking forward to next week when we leave the friendly confines of the UK and get all up in the European leg of this run. Don't get me wrong, we love the English and all their kooky, crazy ways, but we've all had about as much as we can take of the English breakfast. We're about sick of ham and butter on a roll now as that seems to be the breakfast of choice for most of Europe (especially Germany, where there's no end to the ways they can serve up some pig). Something we're not particularly looking forward to is our long-ass drive to Paris from Birmingham (not Alabama). It's going to take us 8 or 9 hours to make that trek and we have to do it all in one day because there's no day off in between. Ugh, looks like we won’t get to spend much time in old "Gay Pariee." Hopefully we'll get to make a quick stop at the Eifflel Tower, at least - we gotta get a picture of little Elvis there! Speaking of Elvis, she has been a traveling superstar. We were a little nervous about how she would be on such a long trip, but so far SO good. Everyday she seems to "get it" a little more and you can't ask for anything more than that with a one-year-old.

Okay, enough of my yackin'. We're almost to Glasgow now and my computer's about to die (I'm a very slow typer [typist?] I dunno...) - another thing that drives the wife a little crazy - she can't stand to watch me type. It practically kills her. She's very fast, MUCH faster than me anyway... Speaking of my wife's typing, you should definitely check out her blog - http://yeshernameiselvis.blogspot.com/ - she's got all the dirt on our latest escapades and she updates it almost every day, so make sure to take a look at it. It's good stuff!

More from me later.

Eddie Spaghetti