The Eddie Spaghetti Photoshopped Into Anything Challenge!


June 4th, 2013 by Rami

UPDATE: View the handpicked entries HERE!

It's a contest! Use your Photoshop skills (or imagination and shoddy MS Paint skills) to win signed vinyl and Bloodshot Records gift certificates!

In honor of Eddie Spaghetti's forthcoming Bloodshot album The Value of Nothing coming out on June 18th (pre-order here), we are asking YOU to take the "green-screened" photo of Eddie below and "Photoshop" him into any photo you want. Eddie can be anywhere, doing anything you wish. This is your chance to take Eddie to the zoo, put him on the cast of Downton Abbey, or have him serenade a mob stakeout. The possibilities are endless...

Here is the image of Eddie:

And here's an example of what you can do:


Email your submission (only one photo per entry!) to by Friday, June 14th.

One winner will be selected by Eddie Spaghetti himself. One winner will be selected by Bloodshot. And one winner will be selected by THE PUBLIC. A selected round of photos will be shared on the Bloodshot Facebook and voted via "likes" by fans.

The three winners will win a vinyl copy of The Value of Nothing signed by Eddie and a $25 Bloodshot Records gift certificate.

Winning photos and a few of our other favorites will be posted here on the blog and on the Bloodshot social media channels!

This is your chance for true stardom! (We think!)

NOTE: Putting Eddie Spaghetti in actual spaghetti is lazy. Also, please keep it as PG-13 as possible. Eddie has kids, after all.

Email all photos to

All submissions are due by Friday, June 14th.

Eddie Spaghetti - The Value of Nothing, out June 18th on Bloodshot Records