Cory Goes To Europe


December 14th, 2012 by Rami

By Cory Branan

So, Bloodshot asked me to write a short thing about my recent travels through Europe and the U.K. with The Revival Tour. Short? Perfect. What little wit I stored for winter washed off in the U.K. or is currently drying at the bottom of empty bottles of whatever whichever locals convinced me was the local drink. I'll miss you Croatian moonshine.

For folks who may not know the Revival tour it's a review-type show where different artists, in this case Chuck Ragan, Emily Barker, Rocky Votalato, Jay Malinowski and myself, are backed by the same players- Jon Gaunt on fiddle and Joe Ginsberg on dog house bass. This year we also had Jay's string section- Martin, Elliot, and Aiden of the EndTree.  Add to that our talented tour manager, tech, and merch guys - Emre, Tom, and Devan - then top it off with our driver Silvio and you have 14 of the individual-est individuals I've had the privilege of spending 5 weeks packed into a vehicle with.

Picture a stack of Canadians, 'Mericans, Brits, a British Aussie, a British Turk, A Canadian Kiwi and a German at the wheel. The U.N. Hillbillies. Swimming Pools. Cultural differences.

So, 33 shows with two days off (for a 12 hr. ferry ride to Helsinki and a 12 hr. ferry ride from Helsinki), during which I learned/relearned the following: (pic 1) English breakfast is the worst. (pic 2) Germans build the best stuff* (pic 3) Oscar Wilde's kiss covered Parisian grave stands out like a sore Egyptian thumb (pic 4) English breakfast is the best (pic 5) I need new merch (pic 6)*with the exception of German broadcasting (pic 7) You get to sign the wall when you play the Ramones museum in Berlin (pic 8 ) Vikings make the best birthday cake (happy birthday Chuck), and (pic 9) nobody messes with the Revival Tour.

group photo credit: Marco Krenn

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