BSHQ Fear Factor: Puerto Rican Moonshine Edition


May 29th, 2012 by Rami

In this episode of "We'll Drink / Eat It!", a friend gave us a TSA-sized sample of Puerto Rican moonshine for us to swill before we started the long weekend. Here's what our shine runner had to say about what we were about to taste:

Made in Puerto Rico by a cousin I've never met, acquired from the trunk of my brother's car and smuggled through customs by me. Apparently it's made of sugar cane and some fruits. I think raisins were mentioned, but I couldn't distinguish any other from the sludge at the bottom of the brown jug it came in. Prior to filtering, it had more of a stringy texture, so I'm guessing there might have been some mango in there too.

OK! Sounds great!

Josh examines the sample.


Because drinking things out of unlabeled travel-sized bottles is always a good idea.


A shot of the shot.


Rob takes one for the team and goes first.


This was pretty much his face for like 5 minutes after taking his taste.


Nan was unimpressed.


While Swank took his time to ponder what he had just had ...


Some of the testimonials:

"It doesn't make me want to kill myself (like the Chinese stuff)."

"Apple-y with a leather shoe-like finish."

"I see a fingernail in there."

"It's giving me the vapors."

" [No Comment]"

Remember kids, send us something and we’ll drink it!