Bloodshot Worker Bees' Best of 2010


January 2nd, 2011 by Rami

It's been a pretty good year here at BSHQ—we were happy independently release eight records from artists we greatly admire like: Graham Parker, Jon Langford, Justin Townes Earle, Ben Weaver, Whitey Morgan and The 78s, Deadstring Brothers, Andre Williams and The Blacks. Here, the Bloodshot worker bees look back on 2010 and what stood out amongst the year in music, TV, film, food, books and more.

Pete, Retail Guru:

TOP 10 NON-BLOODSHOT ALBUMS I'VE HEARD SO FAR IN 2010 (there are so many I HAVEN'T heard yet... sad, I know...):

In Alphabetical order:
Beachcomber Trio, Live at Kahiki 1965 (Dionysus)
Black Angels, Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon)
Johnny Dowd, Wake Up the Snakes (Munich Records)
Group Inerane, Guitars from Agadez Vol. III (Sublime Frequencies)
Jaill, That's How We Burn (Sub Pop)
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, I Learned the Hard Way (Daptone)
Damien Jurado, Saint Bartlett (Secretly Canadian)
Monster Movie, Everyone Is A Ghost (Graveface)
J. Roddy Walston & the Business, S/T (Vagrant)
Wovenhand, The Threshingfloor (Sounds Familyre)

Josh, Publicist:

In 2010 I enjoyed "Scott Pilgrim vs The World," local band A Light Sleeper, the city of Nashville, tasty falafel from Sultan's, and streaming movies on Netflix. Oh, and pizza ... but that's kinda every year.

Camille, Intern Extradonaire:

BEST TV SHOW: Walking Dead

BEST ALBUM: It's a tie. Justin Townes Earle's Harlem River Blues and Mavis Staples You Are Not Alone

BEST BOOK: "The Power of Myth." This is a text version of a PBS documentary of Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyers. The documentary aired in 1988 and I'm not sure when the book was published. But I read it in 2010 so I hope it counts.

BEST THING I ATE: Beef and Vegetable soup at the Korean place near my friend's house in Lisle. I've never had Korean food before this and now I am hooked.

Swank, Radio Guy:

Best time to start drinking: At least an hour before work is over
Best place to eat a KFC Double Down: Rob's Desk
Best interns in the world: Bloodshot
Best pie that will get you loaded: Camille's Whiskey Pie with Vodka Crust
Best vampire on True Blood: Jessica
Best "Walking Dead" zombie kill: The X-ray shot!
Best adult-friendly children's programming: "Penguins of Madagascar"
Best new thing on my computer: DVR!
Best internet site of the year: Lamebook
Best answer to anything Rob asks: "But I thought that's what you wanted?!"

Scott, Label Manager

Best Sophomore album: Grinderman, Grinderman II

Best In-Store Performance: Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds, at Permanent Records, in Chicago (could've been 2009 ... I have a horrible sense of linear time, just ask anyone)

Best Live Show: Wovenhand at Lincoln Hall

Best Performance at Lollapalooza: Spoon (shocked me by channeling some super-cool sounds à la Wire, Gang of Four and Joy Division. FAR better than I anticipated).

Best Performance at a Retirement Home: Southern Comfort. A trio of dudes in their 70's...and they SWUNG, man. Serious cats who must have some interesting tales to tell, because they could PLAY! This was on Christmas Eve, at Calusa Harbor in Fort Myers, Florida. They were the happy hour entertainment ... and it was the happiest of hours: two beers, and one scotch and soda: $4.00!

Souther Comfort

Jill, Superstar Intern:

FAVORITE ALBUM: Nick Curran and The Lowlifes, Reform School Girl
BEST THING I ATE: BBQ from Iron Works in Austin, TX
BEST MOVIES: "The Runaways," "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World," "The Crazies"
BEST LIVE SHOWS: Wanda Jackson rockin' with The Lustre Kings @ Fitzgeralds, Jack Oblivion and The Tennessee Tearjerkers @ Empty Bottle, King Khan and The Shrines @ Bottom Lounge, Justin Townes Earle @ Lincoln Hall.

JP, Publicist

Best Album: The Arcade Fire, The Suburbs (shut up)
Best Song: Justin Townes Earle, "Christchurch Woman"
Best Pop Song Covered by Glee: Florence + The Machine, "Dog Days Are Over"
Best TV Show: Friday Night Lights / The Walking Dead / Boardwalk Empire / True Blood
Best Shows That Left us in 2010: FNL, Dollhouse and Caprica
Best Blockbuster Movie: Inception
Best 'Indie' Movie: Black Swan
Best Cult Movie: Splice
Best Foreign Movie: Mother
Best Gross Out Movie: The Human Centipede
Best Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling
Best Ryan Gosling Backup: James Franco
Best Whiskey: Ransom Spirits' Whippersnapper
Best Beer: Two Brothers Long Haul
Best Meal: Schwa
Best Favorite New Restaurant: Longman & Eagle
Best Cocktail: 2010 was the year of Big Star margaritas
Best Book: Mockingjay (The final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy)

Anthony, Royalties dude:

BEST RESTAURANT THAT OPENED IN 2010: Harold's Chicken Shack on Washington and Halsted (three blocks away from me). I will finally be able to put on that 300lbs. I've been wanting.

Rob, Il Capo:

FAVORITE THINGS OF 2010: The writing of David Foster Wallace

Before the New Year, I had never read him and was only vaguely aware of him. Sadly, his suicide made me sit up and wonder what I was missing. Funny, insightful and with a mind bursting with energy as it grapples with all the thoughts bouncing around it, like a box of Superballs dropped from four story building.

He sends me to the dictionary constantly, his persistent and labyrinthine use of footnotes is both supremely confident and deeply demented. His essays run from the wildly arcane and erudite to the adolescent and snotty, from the feelings of a lobster about to be cooked to critiques of critiques of Dostoyevsky. Even when I have to put him down for a bit and put my head in a cool bucket of water to clear my thoughts, he is always provoking.

In a brilliant (or totally loony) review of the differences between some new dictionaries (didn't everyone read the dictionary as a kid, or was i alone in that?) called "Authority and American Usage," he goes from talking about the "interpolative demonstration of the fact that there is no such thing as a private language"  and point out aspects are "so stupid it practically drools."

High intellect and low humor. Constantly challenging. I am also painfully aware that great deal of it shooting right over my head

Maybe someday I'll tackle "Infinite Jest."

FAVORITE FICTION: To Kill a Mockingbird. A rightful classic that I had somehow not read until this year.

BEST MOVIE I SAW: Inglorious Basterds

• Smoked pork ramen at some neo-Korean place on 4th Ave in Brooklyn
• Riccardo's ribs on W. Diversey in Chicago
• Haggis on Burns Night
• My own HOME CURED bayleaf/peppercorn bacon from a recipe in a book that the
good worker bees of BS gave me last year for Christmas.

BEST THING I DRANK: homemade ginger ale after bout of stomach flu

BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR: Sunday line up at the Welles Park Folk and Roots fest. I had been drinking beer and margaritas all day and watching World Cup soccer finals and then went to see the gypsy punk band, some french thing and a Sudanese band. I remember very little about the specifics, only the sheer joy that music can bring in a public place.

Weeeeeee .....

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: Work to eliminate the casual phrase "have a good one" that seems to have permeated every exchange I have with other humans. Stores, friends, restaurants, all the time. I don't like it. I have spoken.