Bloodshot Gives Thanks 2013


November 28th, 2013 by Rami

Though we at Bloodshot are sometimes caught being outwardly (and overly) snarky, cynical, and jaded (some of us) throughout the year (editor's note: we are, for the most part, pleasant, however), we still count our blessings every so often. Thanksgiving seems like a perfect time to remind ourselves that we have much for which to be thankful. Here's what the BS staff is respectively thankful for this year.

Co-honcho Bloodshot Rob

I am thankful for the steady, calm assurance that Ron Swanson's (Parks & Recreation) life lessons provide me.  And for the bahn mi sandwich shop relatively near the office.  And beer.

Co-honcho Bloodshot Nan

Having never seen Barrence Whitfield and the Savages perform live before releasing their record, and Rob having not seen them live in many moons, I was particularly thankful and relieved that their live show blew my mind. I'm also thankful we have diehard fans who still BUY music [that said, I'm glad my kid isn't interested in working in the music biz!].

Label Manager Bloodshot Scott

Thankful that we have a front room at BSHQ large enough to contain Barrence Whitfield's soulful howl. The day he came in to belt out some tunes for our "Live at BSHQ" series (editor's note: the video is coming soon!) was one of my most favorite "work" days there, over the past 12+ years. Now, pass the gravy....

Radio Guru Joe Swank

I am thankful that I have managed to bob, weave and dodge all Thanksgiving obligations this year, so I can stay home, wear jogging pants, start drinking early, eat pie, watch the MST3K marathon and nap at random. There are some who would have pity on a soul with no family ritual to attend, but it is telling that the most common phrase uttered when I state my lack of obligations, is “I am so jealous!” SO, to all of you who must dress in your fineries, extrapolate all of the foul words from your lexicon, abstain from overindulgence in your intoxicant of choice, smile at relatives you can’t stand, eat multiple casseroles of undetermined origin, and chuckle light-heartedly at all of the psychotic political opinions your family has, I say to you: Suck a tofu turkey leg, chumps. I’ll think of you when I am drunk by noon. …AND I will be thankful.

Retail Wiz Pete

I am thankful we're having Thanksgiving at our house this year so that I can eat myself stupid, wash it down with plenty of Scotch and fall asleep on my own damn couch without being rousted out like a vagrant, just as our forefathers intended.

Publicity Man Josh

I'm thankful that 19 years ago Rob and Nan didn't name their burgeoning
label something with a curse word or phallic reference in it, because telling grandma about my job at Fuck/Wang Records might put a total damper on the warm holiday spirits.

New Media Mike

I'm thankful I finally have a job in which I can wear shorts every day to the office, if I want. If it weren't frigid for four months in Chicago, I'd wear them every single day. Full-length pant legs are for losers. Thanks, Rob & Nan!

Bookkeeper Anthony

I am thankful for Radio Guru Joe Swank feeding the "secret" candy drawer to keep Bloodshot Rob's sugar at "do not kill staff" levels.