2015 Bloodshot Year-End Accolades


January 15th, 2016 by bsradmin

At the end of every year in history (well, at least since the first lovelorn or oxytocin-deprived person sat down with a guitar and started singing stories over three chords), critics and pundits around the world tell us what works of art they liked in the past year (or rather, they tell us what we should have liked in the past year – since, after all, it’s their job). There were many mentions of Bloodshot releases in said best-of lists at the end of 2015, so here is a guide, organized by album, in order of release, to the critics’ Bloodshot picks. They like us! They really like us! (Kind of!)




Murder By Death Big Dark Love


The best songs of 2015: #39 “I Shot an Arrow”

New Noise Magazine
Top five alt/country albums: #3

Northwest Herald
Under exposed albums you might have missed: #2

Winnipeg Free Press
Bruce Leperre/Country and Roots Albums: #4


Banditos Banditos

NPR Music 
Favorite Songs of the Year: Folk and Americana: “Waitin”

The best new/emerging artists of 2015

No Depression
Year-end Album Poll: #131

Motif Magazine
Top 20 Albums of 2015 #16

Barrence Whitfield and The Savages Under the Savage Sky

Boston Globe
The Best Local Albums of 2015

The Boston Herald
Top 215 songs of 2015: #85 “I’m a Full Grown Man”

Little Steven Van Zandt’s Underground Garage
Favorite Albums of 2015

The Vinyl District
The Best of 2015: #10

Americana Music Show 
Best of 2015: #30

The Examiner
Shwindey’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Mother Jones
Best Albums of the Year: #10

Americana Rock Mix
#20 album of the year


The Yawpers American Man


The Bottle Rockets South Broadway Athletic Club

American Songwriter
Top 50 Songs of 2015: #21 “Monday(Every Time I Turn Around)”

The 40 Best Country Songs of 2015: #27 "XOYOU"

Loves 2015 - Mark Deming

No Depression
Year-end Album Poll: #24

Missoula Independent
Favorite albums of 2015

Steve McLean’s Favourite music of 2015
Top Albums: #8

Best albums of 2015: #6

Best songs of 2015: #4 “Monday (Every Time I Turn Around)”

Routes and Branches
Favorite Songs of 2015: #18 “Monday(Every Time I Turn Around)

The Examiner
Schwindy’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Ground Zero
Year-end Best of Albums: #6

Mother Jones
Best Albums of the Year: #3

Speakers in Code
60 best songs of 2015: #20 “Dog”

Speakers in Code
20 best albums of 2015: #16

Top 5 of 2015: #2


Mekons & Robbie Fulks Jura


The Chicago Tribune
Greg Kot picks of 2015:
Best Local Shows

The Chicago Tribune
Greg Kot picks of 2015:
Best Local Music



Waco Brothers - Going Down in History

Rolling Stone
35 Most Anticipated Country Albums of 2016: #28

The Bluegrass Situation
The BGS Sweet 16: Albums We're Excited About In 2016

Robbie Fulks (TBA)

The Guardian
Critics tips for 2016