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Baseball Cap

Stock Number: BS CAP

Price: $10.00


You know, most of the time when someone says "Back By Popular Demand," they are just blowing smoke up yer a**, but not us, and not with these. Due to general laziness and a gross mis-reading of how much people actually liked them, we sold out of our snazzy ball caps and didn't get more for a couple of years. After tiring of reading emails and having people buttonhole us at shows and parties, we got the message through our ever-thickening skulls.

So, here they be!

Cover your head from the summer rays with this 100% cotton twill cap. Blacker than black cap with red stitching with the BS logo.

These caps are 6 panel, pre-curved visors, structured crowns and the one-size-fits-all adjustable velcro strap. That's all industry-speak for "looks cool."