• The Yayhoos just grab your ears by the throat with bright, brassy, churning '70s arena rock, only better. No tricks, no gizmos, no synthesizers, no loops or drum machines, no face paint or androgyny, just crank the amperage and play all three chords you know.

    — Rockzilla
  • The Yayhoos could probably save rock 'n' roll, except it seems that these wiseasses aren't sure it'd be worth the bother.

    — Tribune Media Services
  • This type of rock is the marrow that runs through the bones ... If you're feeling a little pale from what VH1 passes off as rock these days, then the beer-fueled twang of the Yayhoos is a fine remedy.

    — PopMatters
New York, NY

Many Fridays find the Bloodshot staff drinking beer and rocking out. One-hitters may or may not appear. At any rate, the Yayhoos provide the soundtrack. And thanks to the Yayhoos, thankfully, every day is Friday.

A genuine, supergroup of underground southern-rock heavyweights. Of course you remember Dan Baird from the Georgia Satellites (c'mon, "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" a guilty pleasure? Hell no, nothing guilty about it) and may even know of his criminally under-appreciated solo records. Fans of the roots-rock know Eric "Roscoe" Ambel from the Del-Lords, his early days as one of Joan Jett's Blackhearts, his production duties with The Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain, Go To Blazes etc. and his stint as Steve Earle's guitarist. Drummer Terry Anderson has played with the Backsliders and bassist Keith Christopher has backed Shaver, Tony Joe White, Todd Snider and  Kenny Wayne Shepard.

"Big Deal," you say. "They can all play their instruments." But it IS a big deal. We started this stupid label because there was a shortage of bands that inspired us to turn the knob to eleven. They are also one of those bands that rightfully recognizes that all rock music is derived from the ONE riff that crawled out of the sludge on Chuck Berry's right hand.

The Yayhoos will have you creasing that ballcap right down the middle and cranking their riff-a-licious sound on the AM/FM in your Camaro, a 1/2 pint of Beam under the seat, a feathery roach clip hanging from the rear view mirror and an 8 track of Street Survivors in the glove box--just in case.  Theirs is a brand of old school rock n roll hootchie coo that parties AND gets down to business, if you know what we mean.


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