• Attention, fans of Sturgill Simpson: Buy stock in Whitey Morgan. It’s going cheap for now, but not for long.

    — Grantland
  • The band makes music that could be from 1972 just as easily as from 2011. It's a lonely road, perhaps, but only because it's tough to find.

    — Pittsburgh City Paper
  • A living embodiment of WWWD (What Would Waylon Do?)

    — The Independent Weekly
  • Their hardheaded honky-tonk twang is pure outlaw, channeling a rebellious spirit that's as true to their name-checked predecessors (Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams) as it is to the MC5.

    — Cleveland Scene
  • In a world of soft rock-driven country music, there's little place of the kind of outlaw country pioneered by Willie Nelson (pre-iconic status), Waylon Jennings and Johnny Paycheck. Bullshit, says Whitey Morgan...the band's barroom country sound-instrumentally full, but naked-sounding compared to the crap on country radio - isn't retro. It's classic.

    — Big Takeover
Flint, MI

Whitey Morgan and the 78's are a Honky Tonk band from Flint, Michigan. They haven't re-invented the wheel. They just picked it up and got it rolling all over again.

In Flint,  the always forgotten civic little brother to Motown but no less a hard town with empty factories and emptier prospects, loaded Whitey Morgan & the 78’s with that survivors’ f.u. mentality.  It's a place that'll have you musing "you know, Detroit's not so bad off..." 

Whitey sings songs these people can relate to. In much the same way his grandfather and mentor did over 3 decades ago, to a whole generation of southern transplants who came up US-23 to Flint looking for the good life. Whitey sings it straight, with an urgency that'll help people forget their problems for a few hours and serve as the guideline for drinking the sorrows away. The halftime groove brings out everyone's dancing shoes and while Whitey and the 78's play, the world is a  tiny bit better place.

Since the release of their first album Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels, Whitey and the band have revived a forgotten genre with a fierce dedication and determination. They've toured the country spreading their sound and real deal vibe everywhere they go. They play honky-tonk tunes in any club in any town without apology and with a purpose. Look out, this bad news sounds real good.

For about 200 shows a year you can count on Whitey Morgan and the 78's to deliver. Whitey's whiskey tinged vocals, the 78's boot stomping beats, all stirring up dance floors and elevating spirits.  In this world, there isn't a person who couldn't use this kinda release every now and again.

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