• Detroit's Volebeats specialize in a sort of classic pop form of north woods country music. Each record is a statement of bittersweet longing couched in lovely harmonies, ringing guitar waves, and bountiful tides of reverb.

    — Allmusic.com
Detroit, MI

As much myth as institution in the Motor City, The Voles have been around since the late 80's and, like their namesake, are hard to track down, disappear for long periods of time, and remain totally loveable.

Sure, they've got the twang, but they infuse it with some serious Brian Wilson lushness and pop smarts. With Jeff Oakes' languid, forlorn vocals and guitarist/vocalist Matt Smith's (Outrageous Cherry, Rodriguez, Andre Williams, Nathaniel Mayer and many others) bountiful knowledge and love of all good music as the constants (virtually everyone in Detroit has been a Volebeat at one time or another), The Volebeats managed to elude widespread success despite writing and performing some the of most supple and catchy music since Pet Sounds.

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