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The Silos

Hometown: New York, NY

Heralded at their outset by Rolling Stone as "America's Best New Band," this tireless trio continues to prove their mettle with a mix of punk, roots, rock, and sage art-damaged truth telling.

The Silos create a sound that's hard to pin down. According to The Washington Post, the band creates "powerful earthy pop that sounds like the result of Nirvana riding on R.E.M.'s tour bus." "The band's austere style inflects the astringent twang of The Velvet Underground with the drone of R.E.M. and adds countryish echoes that recall Gram Parsons," offered The New York Times. "We get compared to everybody," says Salas-Humara. "To some people, we're a country band. To other people, we're a rock band. To other people, we're an acoustic band. Some people think we're rootsy, and others think we're arty." He pauses to take a breath and to chuckle at the breadth of it all. “We're all of those things."

Yes, every one of those descriptions is accurate, a snapshot of the truth taken from a different angle. The music of Salas-Humara and his bandmates is the sound of ideas, styles, and maybe even cultures colliding. It deftly combines a big beat with a nothing-wasted leanness, and it's music that possesses a unique blending of intensity and approachability, with the ferocious rockers tilting you back on your heels just as quickly as the hushed, tightly coiled ballads draw you closer.

"Walter Salas-Humara's songs are as straightforward, physically affecting and musically uncompromising as can be found anywhere in the American pop underground." —L.A. Weekly

"[the Silos] have the longevity of Neil Young, the tense nervous veneer of Television, and the tuneful panache of a Cole Porter lyric." —Sounds (UK)

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