• A unique sound, violent and disturbing, but strangely addictive.

    — Wichita Gazette
  • The songs––coming from Gottstine and Rundstrom––were populated by characters who didn’t get drunk or high because it brought relief; they got drunk and high because it was the only thing they knew how to do.

    — PopMatters
  • Nobody ever threw a scarier shot of alt into alt-country than Scroat Belly, a bloody-mouthed, poo-flinging, bottle-smashing bluegrass-based nightmare that infused your basic Flatt & Scruggs high-speed plucking with metallic violence and a sort of PCP-flavored anarchy that at times recalled early Butthole Surfers.

    — Chicago Reader
Wichita, KS

You know half the members of this band from their subsequent time in Split Lip Rayfield. Over the years, people have tried to categorize the uncategorizable. It can't be done my friends, and that's what makes the legend of Scroat Belly endure.

The feedback, the fiddles, the "what the fuck?!?" The Kansas Heartland can be a cold cruel place. Two of the most infamous things that it's ever produced are In Cold Blood and Scroat Belly. When you can read the former for laughs you'll be ready to understand the latter.

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