• Maybe she's mean, but you don't care; you love her anyway because she sings so beautifully, so carelessly; she waves her arms over her head in extravagantly goofy choreographed gestures, like some demented Supreme. Her voice is one big gorgeous fuck-you, and it thrills as it chastens.

    — Riverfront Times
  • Timms wraps her voluptuous alto around a song, she steeps it in the only authenticity it needs—honest emotion.

    — Nashville Scene
  • Though you'd never guess it from her potty-mouthed stage banter, Timms sings in a pure, angelic voice that's at least as well suited for torch as it is for twang.

    — Chicago Reader
  • Timms blends rapture and disenchantment in a way that recalls those old cliches about why caged birds sing. Her voice, a secretive murmur refined by her native English accent, is the stuff of lullabies. But her knowing stance pulls back from that intimacy with a sweet sadness.

    — New York Times
Chicago, IL and Leeds, UK

Sally was born in Leeds, England. She grew up in the Yorkshire dales, sang in the church choir and performed in poetry recitals as a child. In 1985 she joined the Mekons as a full-time member and has regretted it ever since. Unfortunately, the only way out of the Mekons is in a box, so she's still there.

Known as one of the laziest women in show business, she frequently calls in favors from her more talented and successful friends so that she can dedicate more time to watching television and eating bananas. She has blonde hair, grey eyes, and appalling mood swings. Despite her fondness for off-color commentary on virtually every aspect of popular culture, she possesses a truly magnificent voice.


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