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The Sadies

Hometown: Toronto, ON, CANADA

We first saw The Sadies when they were backed up Neko Case at Lounge Ax in 1998. She kept saying she had the best band of tree-like men in the world playing with her. Once we got our jaws off the beer-soaked floor, deals were made. We went back to Bloodshot Rob's place and listened to Coasters and Tarheel Slim records all night. Our love was cemented.

We like The Sadies because they can play ANYTHING better than anyone else. Surf, cool cowboy psychedelia, electric bluegrass, spaghetti western soundscapes, garage punk, whatever. They do it and do it the SADIES way. We also like their funny Canadian accents. We like the way they are always shrouded in smoke and the way the stage lights play off their shiny suits. Fronted by the brothers Good, Dallas and Travis, who sing, play guitars (sometimes each others), fiddles and whatnot with lightning dexterity and skill, the Sadies will astound you with how impossibly easy they make it all look.

Now they're better known for cool and spacey psychedelia and their collaborations with John Doe (X, Knitters), but when they started, oh, those Lounge Ax shows....we wish we could remember them better.

You should also do yourself a favor and explore their tremendous collaborations with Andre Williams on Red Dirt and with Jon Langford on Mayors of the Moon.

"The Sadies' insanely original sound, a cross between country, rockabilly and movie soundtrack music ... suggests what might've happened if Kurt Cobain played with Dick Dale." —Rockpile

Compilation Tracks:

Videos for "Empty The Chamber" and "FLASH" on the DVD Bloodied But Unbowed: Bloodshot Records' Life In The Trenches.

"Walkin' Cane" w/ Catherine Irwin (Freakwater) on Poor Little Knitter on the Road

"Milk and Scissors"
on Down to the Promised Land

"Little Sadie" on Making Singles, Drinking Doubles

"Rated X"
with Neko Case on Making Singles, Drinking Doubles

"Shake a Tail Feather"
with Andre Williams on For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records

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