• If the Riptones were any rootsier, you could bag 'em and sell 'em as peat moss..they've developed an encyclopedic yet unassuming mastery of bedrock American music.

    — Chicago Tribune
  • These boys take passion over polish every time and that lends an irresistible vitality. Their sizzling blend of Sun Record rockabilly, Blasters roots punk and hard ass roadhouse is undeniable.

    — Exclaim
Chicago, IL

In a world of frighteningly rapid change, some things never go out of style. In a time when we're all so savvy with the newest electronic gadget and so at ease with music being reduced to a computer science problem to be solved, some things are just plainly good.

The Riptones' brand of roadhouse rowdiness is just such a thing--a welcome ice-cold longneck in a world of designer martinis. A mainstay on the Chicago roots scene for well over a decade, they put out two records themselves before joining our odd little family in 1997 (both are worth seeking out), and crancked out three more with an utterly unaffected blend of country, rockabilly, blues, surf, and whatever else sounds good through a couple of Telecasters at roadhouses and dingy bars in the Chicagoland area.

They were virtual encyclopedias of American roots music in all its forms. Lead Riptone Jeb Bonansinga set the table with his cool demeanor, rhythm guitar and suave vocals. Bassist Earl Carter was the band's rodeo clown, what with that hair and the antics he performed on his poor, defenseless bass.

The Riptones are that bar band extraordinaire that every town should have. Good times would always be just around the corner if they did.

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