Chicago, IL

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts were recruited for inter-planetary fame by Jon Langford. They are a loosely organized musical collective that sprouts periodically, like a rare orchid out of the desert sand, to deliver unto the world records of vision, of tribute, of unfettered revelry. The core of the group includes Steve Goulding (Waco Brothers, Mekons), Tom Ray (Devil in a Woodpile, bassist for Neko Case), multi-instrumental genius John Rice and Jon Langford at the shaky helm.

Joining this tight ensemble is an ever-growing cast of fiddlers, horn players, steel guitarists, and whoever else fit the riotous and rollicking moment.  On vocal duties is always an astounding array of guest singers.

With no regard for personal safety, these brave individuals blast off to recast and pay tributes to the work of giants like Bob Wills and Johnny Cash, play able side(wo)men to artists like Rockabilly Filly ROSIE FLORES and Australian Aboriginal singer ROGER KNOX, and tackle the grim cause of the death penalty.

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts make BIG records because no one else has the stones to anymore.

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