• The Chicago-based quintet's arrangements combine bluegrass velocity with rock impact

    — Chicago Reader
  • Moonshine Willy's rollicking rhythms redeem Doctor's wry lyrics with twisted exuberance. Twisted exuberance? Sounds like real life to me, honestly.

    — MetroActive Music
  • Moonshine Willy's jagged bluegrass-rock is one of the best things to come out of the roots-rock revival of the '90s. Bandleader Kim Docter's distinctly un-traditional vocals and savagely cynical lyrics create a unique tension between country twang and big city sneer.

    — Allmusic.com
  • Lovably rickety hillbilly rock ... that slops through every riff like there's a six-pack on the other side.

    — Details
Chicago, IL

We always thought Kim Docter was one of the most consistently underrated songwriters in our humble little stable--songs with pathos, brains, wordplay and hooks aplenty seemed to jump from her devilish brain. Original guitar player Nancy "The Bluegrass Hellcat"  Rideout, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2007, consistently amazed the crowds with her unschooled, but fiercely unique, guitar/mandolin/banjo fireworks. We also consider violinist Rachel to be the first Bloodshot sex symbol and while doghouse bassist Mike Luke always ranked in the top three of nicest people on the planet, we definitely liked having him on our side in bar fights.

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