• Seemingly out of nowhere, Maggie Bjorklund has arrived. If you enjoy the seductive licks of the pedal steel guitar, a cold can of Corona with lime on a hot sunny day, and a sparsely-spoken outlaw western...

    — No Depression
  • Bjorklund's soft but assured vocal take second place to her slightlydelic desert-blown songs with mysteriously poetic lyrics about displacement, the unfamiliar and strange dreamlike memories, all of which are coloured by weeping or melodic pedal steel.

    — Elsewhere (NZ)
  • There's a strong southwestern feel to the music, most of which embraces a beautifully washed-out cosmic twang

    — Chicago Reader
  • Her guitar is seeped in the timelessness of the proverbial dusty trail without feeling aged, her easygoing tunes are deeply satisfying, and most of all, her starring pedal playing is so exquisitely, sadly beautiful, your heart dances an icicle waltz. The end product is unspeakably lovely, full of warm personality and graceful quality.

    — Big Takeover
Copenhagen, Denmark

When you think of pedal steel virtuosity, where do you think of?  Denmark? Us too!

Maggie Bjorklund is a Danish Pedal Steel player, guitarist, & composer that we fell in love with after seeing her play with Mark Pickerel at SXSW a few years back.

Steeped in Nashville form and tradition, Maggie brings her outsider perspective to the instrument and its possibilities.  She stretches it far beyond the constraints of "country," bringing in elements of ethereal pop, psychedelia, European folk, and spaghetti western.

Given that she is unfailingly nice (aren't all Danes?), she has no trouble surrounding herself with talented and sometimes famous people to help with her recordings---folks like Calexico, Mark Lanegan, Rachel Flotard, Jon Auer (the Posies) and more.

Maggie is best known in Europe as a member of the group the Darleens and as a featured player with Lennart Ginman, Miss B. Haven, Nils Skousen and others.

In the U.S. she is known for her work with Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands and as a session player for producers Johnny Sangster and Steve Fisk. She has also toured with X's John Doe and recorded with Exene Cervenka.  She is a member of Jack White's all-female band The Peacocks.



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