• Loveless has made a musical career out of both asking and answering the hard questions.

    — MTV News
  • Lydia Loveless is an excellent artist about the nature of longing, the way it can pull you down and threaten to smother you or awaken you to new possibilities for connection and emotional satisfaction.

    — NPR Fresh Air
  • Loveless loves the gutters of life, if only because she knows that’s where the greatest songs are.

    — Pitchfork
  • If Lydia Loveless were more famous, the supposed confessionalism of songwriters like Taylor Swift would be quickly revealed as the shallow and trite cultivation of a public persona that it is.

    — Slant Magazine
  • She is unafraid of her past and willing to expose her scars for the sake of her songs, and we’re all better for it.

    — Onion AV Club
  • Loveless has become as ingenious a singer as she is a songwriter.  Few songwriters in any genre are chronicling the vagaries and vulgarities of commitment with as much wit.

    — Uncut UK
  • Lydia is the only singer/songwriter the power of whose music and voice consistently makes me cry.

    — Richard Hell
  • She’s a master storyteller with a voice that goes down like honey and lyrics that bite like a hangover.

    — Paste Magazine
  • Loveless has carved out an unmistakable voice as a songwriter, and she's only getting better at using it to blur the line between running her mouth and pouring out her heart.

    — Stereogum
  • Sounds Like: Loretta Lynn and Patti Smith slamming shots at a Midwestern dive bar while cowboys and punks brawl out back……her breakout album Somewhere Else is an aching, lusty set of twang and sneer wrapped in electric guitar swagger.

    — Rolling Stone
  • Commands the stage from tune-up to the final bow, with a voice that carries to every ear, no matter how intoxicated the owner.

    — The Noise
  • Manages to conjure up both Exene and Neko Case.

    — Washington Post
  • Her defiant tone is matched by songs that put country and punk on equal ground, unvarnished and direct.

    — Chicago Tribune
  • If you believe in Rock 'N' Roll, you pray for people like Lydia Loveless.

    — PopMatters
  • Love this woman. Love her. Is "Stevie Nicks singing lead on 'Born to Run'" overstating it? Probably, but too bad.

    — SPIN
  • Heir apparent of Loretta Lynn

    — Twangville
Columbus, OH

Lydia Loveless was raised on a family farm in Coshocton, Ohio—a small weird town with nothing to do but make music. With a dad who owned a country music bar, Loveless often woke up with a house full of touring musicians scattered on couches and floors. She has turned this potential nightmare scenario (eww....touring musicians smell...) into a wellspring of creativity.

When she got older, in the time-honored traditions of teenage rebellion, she turned her back on these roots, moved to the city (Columbus, OH) and immersed herself in the punk scene, soaking up the musical and attitudinal influences of everyone from Charles Bukowski to Richard Hell to Hank III.

Lydia Loveless has toured with artists such as Old 97's, Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell, Iron & Wine, Scott H. Biram, and the Supersuckers. Her music has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR, Pitchfork, SPIN, Stereogum, Chicago Tribune, and more. 

Loveless penned an original song for the 2015 film I Smile Back, starring Sarah Silverman, and was the subject of the 2016 documentary Who Is Lydia Loveless?, directed by Gorman Bechard.


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Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell (of The Gourds) covers Lydia's "All The Time" on While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records

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