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Justin Townes Earle

Hometown: Nashville, TN

See JTE performing "Harlem River Blues" on the Letterman show in Jaunary 2011 HERE

Or from March 2012, "Look the Other Way" on Letterman HERE

"...He has no contemporary peer"--NPR Music

From the website of the Gentlemen of the Road tour curated by friends and fans Mumford & Sons:

"JTE is the coolest man in the game and that is why we are so nervous about having him play the Stopover fest, everyone will realise (if they haven't already) what frauds we are. Having seen him play a few years ago at The Great American Music Hall in San Fran we have followed him closely ever since. His music providing us with the soundtrack to the country he made cool again; America. It will be a privilege, ladies and gentleman, to see
this master songsmith at work. He 'never did learn to shut up', and neither did we but this time we'll let him do the talking, in the key of G." -Mumford & Sons

"JTE has made steady strides in establishing a distinctive voice. His  snaky baritone has long been a magnetic draw, and his songwriting chops are now first rate."--The New Yorker

"If you’ve ever listened to more than one album by Justin Townes Earle, you’re already aware of a few things. First, Justin refuses to color within any musical genre lines. Second, Justin refuses to put out the same album twice. Third, Justin refuses to write predictable songs. Fourth, Justin refuses to stand still...With an ever-building catalogue of amazing albums under his belt and an impressive musical pedigree behind him, Justin could certainly play things safe and comfortably tread the same musical waters album after album. But what makes him so authentic, so talented and so fun to listen to is his seemingly fearless affinity for rawness and his inability to repeat himself." --My So-Called Soundtrack

"Echoes of Guthrie and Springsteen, but Earle's voice is clearly his own." -Guardian (UK)

"It seems every time we encounter Justin Townes Earle live, the guy has peeled another layer off himself revealing another astounding bit of his promise. Barely three years into his career, Earle is seemingly moving at an accelerated rate, even if the casual listener or viewer can't quite discern what it is that shaping up."—Houston Press


Since his debut in 2008, Earle has toured consistently including performances at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest, the Grand Ole Opry and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival as well as a recent appearance on “A Prairie Home Companion.” Additionally, Earle won “Best New and Emerging Artist” at the 2009 Americana Music Awards and was named by GQ magazine as one of “The 25 Most Stylish Men in the World” in 2010. He has also appeared on HBO’s Treme with his dad, troubadour Steve Earle, on whose Grammy Award winning record Townes, JTE also guests.

With inspirations as diverse as Townes Van Zandt (he was named in honor of the elder Earle’s hero), Jimmy Reed, Kurt Cobain, The Replacements, Mance Lipscomb, Ray Charles and The Pogues, Justin forges his own brand of American roots music. Going through life with a namesake of Van Zandt’s stature cannot be easy for a young songwriter, but Earle takes it in stride,” saying, “Anyone who tries to live up to Van Zandt is a fool. I’m honored to carry the name, but if I spent my life trying to live up to it, I’d have a pretty miserable life.”

"Justin Townes Earle is living proof that despite the freak show that is modern day Nashville, there are still artists out there who revere the deep roots of the American musical tradition while still pushing the boundaries to create something new and wonderful." —

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