• One thing about the bespectacled, hunched-over sideman extraordinaire is irrefutable: When he digs into a solo, everything else drops away.

    — Washington Post
  • Bob Wills meets Glenn Miller meets Esquivel’s space-age, bachelor-pad music as steel guitarist Jon Rauhouse blurs the distinction between hipster retro and post-modern cool

    — Amazon.com
  • Jon Rauhouse plays pedal steel guitar the way John Zorn plays the saxophone. That is, he thoroughly messes with your head as he takes you on a schizophrenic musical journey.

    — Paste Magazine
Phoenix, AZ

Jon Rauhouse is a pedal steel/ hawaiian guitarist of the highest order. We first came across him playing with the Grievous Angels.

Since then he has released three solo records, which were all originally released on Bloodshot, and appeared on recordings by Neko Case, Sally Timms, Kelly Hogan, Jon Langford, John Doe, Jakob Dylan, Old 97s, Visqeen, Calexico, Giant Sand and many more.

He currently resides in Neko Case's band.

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