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Jon Langford

Hometown: Chicago via Leeds

"The great rock and roll bridge between punk's back alleys and country music's windswept plains." - Portland Mercury

"Jon Langford has grit in his voice and melody in his soul. A punk-rock pioneer, a leading light of alt-country, a troubadour for our times, a musicians’ mentor, a visual artist of uncommon skill, a singer-songwriter who writes with the authority of having lived a life
rather just having imagined it, how do you peg Langford? Is he folk, rock, country, punk, what? Yes, he’s all that. Langford is Langford, a transplanted Welshman who’s been in Chicago long enough for us to claim him, and in doing so, stake a claim to a treasure." - Chicago New City

The L'homme de Renaissance of indie rock. (That's "Renaissance Man" for all you eating "Freedom Fries.") He's done it all in his time. For us, he's created lots of cover art, produced lots of records, lent his ham-fisted guitar stylings to recordings by the Old 97's, Kelly Hogan, Sadies, Sally Timms, Danbert Nobacon, Jon Rauhouse, Alejandro Escovedo, among others, draws a comic strip, plays in the long running art/punk collective the Mekons, written a book, appeared as the backing band on This American Life and acts as a reeling papa bear figure to many of Chicago's musicians looking for direction and reassurance in this vicious racket we call the music industry. Among the guiding forces in the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and the Waco Brothers and Wee Hairy Beasties. At any given time, he has several projects going. It tires us just trying to keep up. As nice as he is prolific. Sort of rare in the hyper-rarified environment of notoriety.

For More of Jon's Art, go to his page at Yard Dog in Austin, TX; home of the annual Bloodshot SXSW shindig. Stop by, say hi, and make sure you look at the ten years of Yard Dog/Bloodshot SXSW Photographs!

Compilation Tracks:

Live performances of "Nashville Radio" and "Over The Cliff" on the DVD Bloodied But Unbowed: Bloodshot Records' Life In The Trenches.

"Nashville Radio," "Over The Cliff" and "The Country Is Young" performed live on the Bloodied But Unbowed: The Soundtrack

"Delilah" w/ Sally Timms on the Pine Valley Cosmonauts' The Executioners' Last Songs: Volumes 2 &3

"Over the Cliff" on For A Life of Sin

"Sweet Kind of Love"
and "San Antonio Rose" w/ Alejandro Escovedo on the Pine Valley Cosmonauts' Salute to the Majesty of Bob Wills

"Brixton" w/ Chip Taylor on Down to the Promised Land

"The Plans We Made"
duet w/ Sally Timms on the Pine Valley Cosmonauts' The Executioner's Last Songs: Volume 1

"Nashville Radio"
on Making Singles, Drinking Doubles

"Take This Hammer" on Old Town School Songbook: Volume One

"California Blues" duet w/Alejandro Escovedo on Bourbonitis Blues

"Over The Cliff" guitar/vox on Old 97s Wreck Your Life

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