• A titan in Chicago’s roots music scene

    — Associated Press
Chicago, IL

Joel Paterson can be seen all over Chicago playing with icons, cult heroes, jazz greats, blues legends, honky tonk revues, and back-bar bands, including Devil in a Woodpile. He has played on Bloodshot albums by Robbie Fulks, Wee Hairy Beasties and more. One of the busiest musicians on the roots music scene today, Joel can be heard playing with The Western Elstons, The Modern Sounds, The Joel Paterson Organ Trio featuring Chris Foreman, and many other Chicago-based projects. You can often spot him climbing scales within the smoky confines of historic Chicago jazz club The Green Mill, or bringing out his honky tonk chops at Simon's or The Empty Bottle.

Rounding out this killer combo are Alex Hall (The Flat Five) on drums and Beau Sample (Devil In A Woodpile) on bass.

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