• With breathless urgency, the Brothers give the chilling impression that every note might well be their last, that at any second the car could veer off the edge of the road and explode on the rocks below.

    — Detroit Metro Times
  • If there ever was a band that completely embodied Parsons' idea of "Cosmic American Music" - that indefinable mix of rock and roll, country, blues, soul and gospel - it is Deadstring Brothers.

    — The Crimson White
  • The band has that ragged blues-meets-country-rock groove down cold, with plenty of slashing guitar work and a rhythm section that could pulverize concrete. They come charging out of the gate with attitude and energy to spare and a relentless mid-tempo thump that never lets up.

    — Harp Magazine
  • The Deadstring Brothers do the early-70s Rolling Stones sound as well as anyone, including what's left of the Glimmer Twins themselves. But they build an identity of their own with their stolen blueprints, turning in flinty, soulful performances that bring infectious vitality to bluesy rockers and boozy honky-tonk.

    — Chicago Reader
  • Kurt Marschke and company long ago tripped past mere surface affectation into a deeper well, transforming pure inspiration into an oeuvre of their own.

    — Uncut Magazine
Detroit, MI & Nashville, TN

The Deadstring Brothers know that rock and roll is both disease and redemption, penalty and reward, intoxicant and hangover.  They know that a powerhouse hook exhilarates even as you're getting kicked in the heart.   The Brothers, in their leather boots and frayed jeans, tenaciously trudge through the oil slick puddles of a dying city, the hard light splitting into prismatic rainbows, finding beauty in decay.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist and studio magician Kurt Marschke, the Brothers pound out a sound that, in comparison to so much lo-fi indie rock, is full and rich and sounds GREAT blasting out your car window.

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