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Welcome to the Bloodshot Revival/Soundies series.  These stellar recordings from some of country music's finest names capture the essence of what we love about country music.

The bulk of the records are taken from transcription acetates that came into our possession--special recordings that were leased to radio stations for airplay and not available for sale--and the sound quality is superlative (no cheap-o scratchy stuff here).

These releases come handsomely packaged with extensive liner notes, photos and awesome period artwork. Some of these babies contain almost 60 minutes of music, and most of it has never been commercially released! These are among the best and most complete re-issues for this period of music out there. All are budget-priced, too, so the value is truly undeniable. Dig in and learn some history. It won't hurt and it swings. Grandma and grandpa will love the fond memories these records will bring back, and the kids will get some important schooling that all old country need not stink. We are just trying to do our part to bring the generations together. That's just the kind of people we are. So gramps, ignore the kids' silly tongue piercings, and kids, ignore his strange bolo tie with a gemstone on it; sit together and enjoy some of the good stuff.

Compilation Tracks: 
  • The Sundowners:  "Rockin' Spot" and "You Don't Know What Lonesome Is" on For A Life Of Sin.
  • "The Sundowners" documentary on the DVD Bloodied But Unbowed
  • Bob Boyd (Sundowners) sings with Neko Case on the Pine Valley Cosmonauts Salute The Majesty of Bob Wills
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