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News: February 2012

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!


What's up in the world of Andre, you ask?

--Well, we've got his new album on pre-sale (pre-sale includes a snazzy poster AND gets you entered in a drawing for autographed goodies),

--We've put his back catalog on sale

--AND we've constructed a BEST OF Playlist for your listening pleasure (it's even got some of the new tracks on it).   So, in this month of Valentine's, what better time to get down with 'Dre?

Speaking of Valentine's Day, don't forget to check out our BLOGPOST with BS staff and artists chiming in on love songs, both fer and agin'....



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We're offering up a few new releases by other folks we think you should check out and you might have missed.

From our associate label Misra Records, there's the long awaited vinyl LP release of the classic Shearwater album Winged Life.

Also from Misra, Cleveland's Bears new release Greater Lakes, including a very limited edition LP on CLEAR vinyl.

Finally, a release from a Chicago mainstay and general good guy Lawrence Peters (perhaps he's poured you a drink at the Hideout?).  His band Lawrence Peters Outfit self-released a CD/LP What You Been Missin'.  This ain't in many stores and we are big fans of his hardcore honky tonk, so we're carrying it here and hope you give it a listen.

Jon Langford's Skull Orchard at The Vic

Jon at Vic

Late in 2011, hometown heroes Wilco decided to celebrate the release of its latest album, The Whole Love, by setting up a Chicago residency and playing shows at several of our fair city's lauded music venues. Jon Langford's Skull Orchard was handpicked to open up the Wilco show at The Vic, where he and the band played songs from the 2011 SO mega-reissue, Skull Orchard Revisited. Check out the rest of the pics from the night by Zero Studio here.

Wine Tasting, Wine Songs

It's PRESIDENTS DAY! What better way to celebrate the life and achievements of Millard Fillmore than at the Hideout!

Sample classic French Country wines, listen to Robbie Fulks and Kelly Hogan sing wine-themed classic country tunes at the Hideout this Monday, Feb. 20th

Free samples of great Cellar Rat selections from 5:30-6:30 will get you in the mood for Robbie & Kelly's set of Vino-Tonk at 7:00!

Cellar Rat will be sampling out five different French Country Wines (rustic wines produced outside the major wine production areas), absolutely FREE. Robbie's shows frequently sell out and the wine samples are first come, first served. So, be sure to show up early. Who knows? Your friendly neighborhood Rat may even perform a song or two!

The Cellar Rat, for those of you not paying attention, is the super cool Wicker Park wine shop owned and operated by Deano of the Waco Brothers and Dollar Store.



We've a got schedule for our shenanigans in Austin at the upcoming SXSW Music Festival.  GO HERE for the latest updates

This list will be constantly updated as more parties, appearances times and venue details are confirmed.

Pin it to your shirt so, if you should fall down, passersby can carry you to your next destination.



Due to an sudden death in her family, Lydia has come off the road and return home.

The affected dates with the Hackensaw Boys (who are still playing) are as follows:

2/21 Springfield, MO
2/22 Kansas City, KS
2/23 Fort Collins, CO
2/24 Evergreen, CO
2/25 Denver, CO

We'll get her back your way as soon as we can.


Split Lip Rayfield DVD of Kirk's last tour

It seems impossible to us, how quickly time flies by, but yesterday marks the 5th anniversary of Split Lip's Kirk Rundstrom's passing away from cancer.

Oh, how we miss those shows and his maniacal smile onstage and sweaty hugs offstage.

In case you didn't already know about it, we wanted to draw your attention to a recently released DVD called Never Make it Home: Kirk Rundstrom's Final Tour. It's a heartbreaking AND heartwarming triumphant tour document of the Lip's final tour with Kirk. A Portion of the proceeds are going to the RTB Cancer Fund, which funnels funds to musicians diagnosed with cancer and other debilitating diseases.

View the trailer HERE

Let's all remember the positive he brought to our lives...

Long live the LIP!

Bottle Rockets acoustic house party tour in March

The Rockets are doing a seris of very intimate acoustic house parties around the Midwest in March.  We're not posting the dates or venues because these are in people's houses or loft spaces with very limited tickets available.  Some have already sold out.

So, if you live in or around Milwaukee, Champaign, Bloomington or Chicago check out the schedule HERE and buy yer tix while you can.



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