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News: September 2011

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HI-larious Mekons interview

Check out THIS interview with Jon Langford and Sally Timms regarding the MEKONS new album.

It is full of the self-deprecating bon mots you have grown to need over the years...

Hell, even the title of the article "No One Buys Our Records" ought to be a clue.

A couple of our favorite gems:

"I’ve got teenage kids, and when I talk to them and their friends about issues that concern me they think I’m a paranoid loon. "

"We should have split up for 10 years and gotten back together. Maybe we can still do that."

ST: "Except we’d be dead before there’s any interest in us reforming."

"I do lots of things, but there’s nothing I like as much as The Mekons."

Mekons Winners in the Pre-Sale Drawing

Today's the release day for the Mekons new album Ancient & Modern.

Everyone who pre-ordered the album was entered in a random drawing for all sorts of odd Mekons ephemera.  We've put all the orders in our big DRUM OF FUN and pulled out our winners.  And they are...

Carl Johnson -- Los Angeles

Ram Zimmerman -- Austin TX

Robert Roberson --- Richview IL

Chris Ruhlen --- Kensington MD

Tim Kelleher -- Wheaton IL

Stan Carpenter --- Shreveport LA

Congratulations and thanks for the support.



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