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News: September 2011

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

LYDIA LOVELESS album available for pre-sale

Indestructible Machine, available in stores and digitally on September 13th, is now available for pre-sale.

All pre-orders will get a free full color 11" x17 " poster and be entered in a random drawing to receive autographed copies of the CD or LP.  (sorry slowpokes, the first 40 autographed posters have already been spoken for...)

Get on board a record that SPIN has already called "A remarkable debut....8 out of 10 stars"

Listen to tracks on our new releases playlist as well

GP and the Rumour to Reunite for Judd Apatow film!

No matter how great Graham Paker's solo work is, people always refer back to the explosive work he did with his band the Rumour.

Well, friends, pigs are flying and hell hath frozen over.  They have reunited for, of all things, an upcoming Judd Apatow film.  Yes, you read that right.  Get the full skinny HERE.

Read a lengthy interview with original Rumour drummer Steve Goulding, who also plays in the Mekons and Waco Brothers. He talks about the glamorous life on the set, playing with the Cure, Thompson Twins and the upcoming Mekons tour and documentary.


SPIN magazine has compiled 15 tracks from bands that are appearing at this year's Austin City Limits Festival and "Made Example Of" from Ha Ha Tonka made the cut.

So, go HERE and download the collection for free.  Includes tracks from Mavis Staples, The Head and the Heart, Hayes Carll, Smith Westerns, The Cave Singers and more

Lydia Loveless Photo Shoot

On the eve of her inaugural BS release, one which we hope will have her music and story all over the interwebs, we thought we give you a peek "behind the scenes."

The Ely Brothers did a photo shoot of Lydia a couple weeks back and they filmed it as well, so's you can see what goes into to such a thing. It's a pretty cool they work in the final photos into the video, and use "Can't Change Me" as the soundtrack.

Enjoy it HERE

Thanks For Coming to the 17th Anniversary Show


Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the improbable:  17 years of Bloodshot.
Some 325 folks came by the Hideout over the course of the night (thanks Chris the doorman) to enjoy, imbibe, laugh, cry, high-five and....well, there wasn't any crying and CERTAINLY no high-fiving, but you get the picture.  After the rains cleared out, it was a perfect evening for music, saying hi to so many old friends who we don't get to see enough and enjoy an exquisite mid-September outdoor hang (which, at the Hideout, means that great view of downtown).  The evening went a LITTLE late because we forgot the figure the Tuten Introduction Factor into the schedule.  You'd think we'd know by now.

It seems like only a billion years ago we were seeing the nascent Waco Brothers (pre-name, even) at the Augenblick on Damen Ave and thinking that having a label would be neat hobby.  Then came the shows at the Lounge Ax which were like some sort of fever dream, and then poof! 17 years later I am still entertained and humbled by the whole thing.

Maybe it's just the fact that I've been rather confined to quarters and haven't seen a show for two months (the longest such stretch since i was prolly 15 years old) due to a wrecked ankle, but I personally had one hell of a time.  I still love live music, still get a thrill at being a part of something that brings so many people together for good instead of evil (usually) and, at the Hideout, it's just like the basement rec room I've always wanted.  It was a great reminder of the vibe we've tried to create over the years and of all the folks who have chosen to come along for the ride.

At 2 am, after we paid off all the bands, the soundman and all the production stuff, we were pleased to find out that we made $29 for the night.  As I was working on spending my $14.50 right then and there, the bartenders told me that our fans are always "polite, somewhat sloppy and good tippers."  

Friends, we were made for each other.

Thanks as always for keeping the whole weird and wonderful for me.  I'll keep trying to reciprocate.

Bloodshot Rob

Scott H Biram & Mekons Album Pre-sale Premiums

It's the fall and we've got a earload of great music coming at you in short order, so we hope you can keep up.  Hot on the heels of the already critically adored Lydia Loveless album, we've got two upcoming records available for pre-sale, with some dandy premiums to boot.

>>THE MEKONS Ancient & Modern CD/LP hits stores on Sept 27th, but order now and be entered in a random drawing for goodies like:

-Autographed copy of Jon Langford's Skull Orchard Revisited"
-Copy of the Mekons lyrics book Hello Cruel World
-Copy of Mekons United book/cd
-1 of 2 numbered 13 x22 full color hatch show prints from their 30th Anniversary tour
-Set of 3 numbered 11" x15" prints from Hello Cruel World

What we'll do is draw your name and contact you and see which item you'd like. K?

>>SCOTT H BIRAM's new CD/LP Bad Ingredients will be released on October 11th.

Pre-orders will receive a tour poster, a download code for a bonus song AND be entered in a drawing for a gen-u-wine autographed Scott H Biram BULLHORN!

So, get on the stick!

X on Tour

Exene Cervenka is a founding member of punk legends X.  Perhaps you knew that.

They are hitting the road this fall and will be playing their seminal LP "Los Angeles" in its entirety.  The shows will open with a screening of the super cool movie "X- The Unheard Music."

Exene had to cancel her spring solo tour due to illness.  She was promoting her latest album but she'll have copies with her on this tour, so stop by and say hello.

HERE'S the list of tour dates

The Critics Be Liking the Lydia...

The first week of Lydia Loveless' Indestructible Machine have seen the pointy headed music literati singing (pardon the cheapo pun) her praises.  Here's a few links to nudge in the direction of giving her a try...

<<"Remarkable" sez SPIN... Read the FULL review

<<"When all is said and done it represents as strong a debut album that the genre has seen in quite some time" opines Absolute Punk...FULL REVIEW HERE

<<Chicago Tribune gushes  "these are songs that signal a major new voice blowing into the country-punk dives and honky-tonks"--- Read it all HERE

<<and Cincinnati City Beat chimes in with "Lydia Loveless has already blazed an impressive trail."  Read the interview and review HERE

So, c'mon, don't be scared, don't remain LOVELESS any longer (oh, we're crackin' ourselves with these puns...)


HA HA TONKA slays 'em at the Austin City Limits Festival

HA HA TONKA played the much vaunted ACL festival in Austin TX last weekend and by all the accounts we've heard (we weren't allowed to go, our cruel overlord bosses allow no such things) they knocked it out of the proverbial park

HERE'S a link to Rolling Stone's "Best Moments" from the festival photos

HERE'S a great article/interview from the AustinPost called "The ACL Band Stuck In My Head" and it tells how HHT brought on the rain to the drought-stricken area (who knew?) as well as couple of their videos.

Overheard several times were people saying "Did you hear that HHT made it rain?"

Heed their powers...

Here's a video medley of their set (pardon the crappy audio) that gives you sense of the day..


Shooter Jennings emailed us the other day singing the praises of the upcoming   SCOTT H BIRAM album Bad Ingredients.  It made us smile.  A lot. These are the kinds of emails we LIKE getting.

"Hey I just wanted to write u. I heard "Bad Ingredients" and it is seriously the best record I've heard since, fuck, I don't know maybe the first White Stripes record I fell in love with or something. Biram is such a great lyricist. The whole thing is a masterpiece. I've told him a hundred times but this fucking record... If he doesn't blow up over this, there is something seriously wrong with the industry. He's got the familiarity of a Jack White and kinda hits Black Keys moments vocally and style-wise, I'm just so floored.

I've listened to it probably 20 times and I've listened to "Broke Ass" at least 50 times.  Like young scumbag Leonard Cohen.

But he is Biram and he is country, which they can't touch. I am floored."

Amen, Shooter, amen. And thanks.

Just a reminder, it hits the streets on October 11th, but you can pre-order it now or catch Scott on the road all fall




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