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News: July 2011

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

Jeff Tweedy crashes JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound show

Check out THIS video from Wilco's big Solid Sound Festival in Massachusetts at the end of June.

At around 1 minute, Jeff Tweedy helps JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound on their cover of Wilco's I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.  It surprised JC so much, he does a James Brown spin and fall.....Now THAT'S showmanship.


We've got a couple excellent albums coming at you this summer from the Dex Romweber Duo and the Bottle Rockets, and both bands have announced album release tours that'll likely bring them to a venue near you.

C'mon out and say hi, and support the new music.




Ha Ha Tonka live in Denver!

Ha Ha Tonka recorded this live session for Reverb's "Mile Marker" sessions ahead of their headling appearance at Denver Post's Underground Music Showcase on July 21. Watch the session below, and then check out pictures from the session here.

Listen to the new Dex Romweber Duo album, 'Is That You In The Blue?'!

We're getting pretty excited about the release of the Dex Romweber Duo's latest, Is That You In The Blue?, which will be available on CD and LP (and at digital retailers, natch) next Tuesday. The folks over at Paste have a FULL preview of the album streaming on their site right now -- so take a listen, and let us know if you like it as much as we do. In other Dex news, Blurt mag just posted a video interview with Dex, where he talks about the new album, the Flat Duo Jets, and his influences and his own influence on younger musicians.


I think we can all agree that Dex Romweber is one mammoth talent on the guitar.  Some of you tech geeks may even know that he is a dyed-in-the-wool accolate of Silvertone guitars.

The blog, Silvertone World, just did a feature on Dex and his fondness for that particular guitar (or "axe" as we say in the biz).

It's also got a great review of the new record, they chat about Dex's first album (bet you won't guess, I'm surprised), influences, he relationship with Jack White, darkness and light.  The the whole piece HERE

Walter's Dogs print sale!

Walter's Dogs print sale!

Read full piece

RIP, Don Walls, Last of The Sundowners

We're sad to report that the last remaining member of the legendary Chicago country band The Sundowners, Don Walls, passed away yesterday. The Sundowners were good friends of Bloodshot and an inspiration to younger bands, like the Waco Brothers. In this essay, Waco Jon Langford explains what The Sundowners meant to him. In 2004, we released a compilation of The Sundowners' catalog (only a small portion of the 15,000 songs they learned to play), which is still available on CD and digitally.


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