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News: March 2011

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

Listen to the new Exene Cervenka album, 'The Excitement of Maybe!'

Excitement of MaybeThe nice folks at KCRW in Los Angeles are currently streaming Exene's new album, The Excitement of Maybe, a week before the release date (and til the end of the month!). So head on over there, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, be sure to pick it up on CD, limited-edition LP or digitally.

Diane Izzo Passes Away

Diane Izzo, a unique contributor to Chicago's rich musical community, passed away on February 25th at the age of 43 after a lengthy illness.

Diane contributed her haunting and fearless vocal talents to the Pine Valley Cosmonauts "Executioner Last Songs" albums.  On Volumes Two & Three, she boldly tackled "Strange Fruit" and on Volume One, her husky version of the harrowing "Oh Death" now takes on added poignancy.

I hold dear the distinct memory her performing this song at the album's release show at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.  The crowd was breathless through the performance, as if any movement or sound would tear the thread of the incredible shared moment between audience and performer.

Read THIS Chicago Reader post about her career and hear the song.

All of us at Bloodshot join those mourning her passing.


Bloodshot Records


Eddie Spaghetti FREE In Store Performances

Eddie S CoverEddie Spaghetti, Supersucker Brother Number One, has booked a series of FREE in store performances in conjunction with his new album Sundowner.

Eddie will be singing a few songs, meeting and greeting (as us show biz types say) and sticking around to sign whatever you might bring him (keep it clean....)

Stop on by:

March 6th at Lou's Records in Encinitas CA at 4pm

March 8th at Zia Records in Las Vegas at 7pm

March 10th at Stinkweeds in Phoenix at 6pm

March 26th at Decatur CD in Decatur GA at 2pm

April 2nd at Generation Records in NYC at 4:15 pm

April 17th at Independent Records in DENVER at 5pm

April 20th at Heavy Metal Shop in Salt Lake City at 7pm

April 21st at Record Exchange in BOISE ID at 5:30pm

April 22nd at Music Millennium in PORTLAND OR at 7pm

Catch him on his album release tour

Geo-Political Turmoil and YOU, the Music Fan

One of the reasons we like what we do is that it allows us to shield ourselves from the workaday realities of geo-political strife.  We live in a happy, simple world.

However, every now and again, the connections between a nutjob despot (looking like Fred Armisen's kooky old uncle after a weeklong bender) and the world of hard working musicians scrapping to make a living collide.

Read THIS prescient interview with Jeremy from Whitey Morgan & the 78s about the effect of oil prices on the music scene.  Just some food (or gas) for thought next time you head out to (or decide to skip) a show.  It's got some simple math in it, but don't let your mind drift too much.  You can handle it.

Life on the road for these folks ain't ever easy and sometimes distant, powermad loonies make it even harder.


Early Maggie Bjorklund review loves it as much as we do

Though not out for another few weeks, Maggie Bjorklund's new record Coming Home is already turning some heads.  Read the Seattle Weekly article HERE and you can pre-order the CD/LP.

Sometimes a record comes across our desks that, despite common sense business reasoning, we just HAVE to be a part of.  This is one of those records.  We hope you'll agree or perhaps give a try.  Tracks can be heard on the New Releases playlist--just push that little red button to the left.


A release day message from Exene

Today is the release of Exene Cervenka's new album, The Excitement of Maybe.

It is a genuine thrill and honor to have someone of her cailber in our humble and musically-dorky little family.  She sent this note to her fans for us to post today:

"hi everyone who cares! thank you xxxso much for the positive, loving, kind comments about excitement of maybe! it means a lot to me to know you are there and that what i do brings something meaningful into your lives. i am so happy today, i worked hard (but it sure was fun!) on these songs and the recording.  so again thank you as always for listening!!! love exene"

The worlds of American Idol and Bloodshot Collide

Usually the artists on Bloodshot toil away in obscurity.  We like it that way, mostly.  Every once in a while, though, odd confluences in the ionsphere occur and popular culture weirdly or circuitously takes notice of us.

Last night was one such occurance when American Idol met Bloodshot and many heads were scratched.  It seems that a contestant busted out "Come Pick Me Up" from Ryan's debut solo album Heartbreaker.

The Blogosphere loved it.   Check THIS out, or THIS from the Village Voice.

Life can be weird sometimes.  So close to Steven Tyler, yet still so far....

Maggie Bjorklund Video and audio stream

In our continuing battle on behalf of Maggie's new album Coming Home, a record that made precious little business sense to release but we just loved so much we just HAD to, we present some ammo for you to sample.

>>Stream the ENTIRE record on and see if we're lying about how wonderful it is.

>>Check out this pro video shot at Crackle @ Pop Studios in Seattle of the song "Wasteland" and soak in some of the magic

Ha Ha Tonka preview on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations

Guns and food!

Food and guns!

oh, and music.

Our Ozark heartthrobs Ha Ha Tonka get grillin' with Anthony Bourdain on an upcoming episode of No ReservationsHERE'S a clip to get yer mouths watering.

And, if you're something of an HHT fanatic (and who wouldn't be...?) HERE'S some sweet behind the scenes pics

Miss the original airing?

Fear not, here are some dates when the episode is airing again

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Sun, Apr 3 8:00am CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Mon, Apr 4 7:00pm CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Tue, Apr 5 2:00am CST

Music Fog Video from SXSW

We're pretty sure that if you Google any band at SXSW this year for some video, you'll get directed to 1,001 pages of crappy images shot on cell phones by reeling drunk people.  Bad images, worse sound.  Ain't the internet grand?

HOWEVER, the good folks at the site Music Fog had some of our bands over to their shindig at the legendary food and music mecca Threadgill's and producde some QUALITY audio and video.

Check out full performances by EDDIE SPAGHETTI and HA HA TONKA.

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