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News: July 2010

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

Justin had to cancel some shows this week.

Unfortunately Justin’s shows this coming weekend will be cancelled. He injured his hand this past weekend and has 19 stitches and there’s no way he can play guitar. We apologize for any inconveniences. We’re working on rescheduling the Iron Horse show for late August and hope to make an announcement on that soon.

Usually, being the cruel overlords that we are, we insist on 20 stitches before allowing shows to be cancelled, but we figured 19 was close and he IS a guitar player and they ARE on his hand.

We'll keep you posted on any other changes.

Exene Live at Amoeba

This past spring, Exene Cervenka did a nifty tour of record shops up the West Coast.

It allowed her to play in the afternoon and really connect to her fans in a casual, FREE environment.

Amoeba Records in CA recently posted video of her performance there.  Check it out HERE.



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