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News: February 2010

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

Bloodshot Rob making soup for charity!

Every Wednesday during the winter months, the blog Soup and Bread hosts a soup party at the Hideout.  From 5:30 to 8, eat soup, drink beer, see friends and be convivial.  The event is free, but donations are very welcome and all donations go to various food pantries in the city to help alleviate hunger--this week it is the Franciscan Outreach.

This week, Bloodshot Rob and a few other cooks  are contributing some nifty little concoctions and will be ladling them out to the soup lover that resides in all of us.

Rob will not tell us what he is making, but promises it will have nothing to do with all the haggis he has been making us eat this week for the Scottish holiday Burns Night.




Andre Williams on Why Coke-Dealing Stories Are Better Than Alcoholic Tales, His New Book Sweets

Check out this interview in the Village Voice with Mr Rhythm as he talks about his wild new book "Sweets" in preparation for the readings he is doing with super famous music crit Nick Tosches at St Mark's Church.

Read all about it HERE.

Some Hometown Love For Deadstring Brothers' New Album

Detroit's Deadstring Brothers' get its long overdue US release on February 23rd and the raves are already starting to come in.

Check out this one from their hometown paper the Detroit Metro Times here

"There isn't a bad song on São Paulo. So, yeah, the Deadstring Brothers have never been more alive."

Some Excellent and Informative Exene Cervenka Interviews and Press

Given the overwhelming volume of crapola out there on the intertubes, it's nice when writers take some time to craft their pieces rather than just posting snarky, ill-informed diary entries and calling it "journalism."  In our efforts to encourage such behavior, we'll point them out when we can.

We got a couple nice ones in this week about Exene Cervenka, as she is on tour with the Dex Romweber Duo (and boy, as a long time fan of both, this tickles my music-geek sweetspots).  So, sit back and enjoy!

From Creative Loafing in Atlanta: "Unless you're a dictator and you're going to play all of the instruments yourself, it's best to let people come up with some surprising things that you wouldn't normally think of."   Read it all HERE.

From the Houston Press in, well, Houston, comes THIS interview where she talks about TX punk legends the Big Boys, the death of Amy Farris, and the origins of her album Somewhere Gone.


Bloodshot Rob & Nan on the Interview Show

That's right, Nan and Rob will dazzle the Friday after work crowd at the Hideout during February's edition of the Interview Show.

6:30 to 8pm

The Blacks will also perform a few stripped down songs

What is the Interview Show?

Read full piece

Jack White plays with Dex Romweber at Jack's new Record store!

The dynamic Dex Romweber Duo played a smash instore at Jack White's Third Man Records in Nashville last night for 250+ excited fans. No less than country legend Charlie Louvin amongst the throng.

Mr. White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather himself kicked things off with an introduction and fiesty acoustic rendition of "You Don't Love Me  Anymore" from Dex's Flat Duo Jets days (check out the original on the classic 1993 FDJ platter, "White Trees...." It could not possibly come with a higher recommendation.)

Their as-always explosive performance is set to be nigh-instantaneously pressed up on wax and ready for sale (ain't technology grand?) We hope to have some to sell through our web store soon.

Seems most of the folks that came out to Jack White's pad must've liked what they heard, as there was a damn-near sold out show at The Basement later that night as well!

Stay tuned for further details on the vinyl, and where you'll be able to see footage of this momentous occasion!

Read about the show HERE

Kick Ass Scott H. Biram Live Review, Wherein a journalist eats his words!

We just love it when a music writer goes to a show with a pre-conceived notion of somebody and proceeds to have his mind blown AND he or she fesses up to it!

Check out this conversion experience of a writer in Phoenix at a recent Scott H Biram show.

Scott talks about his "special" way of playing Led Zeppelin covers.  NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!  Shield the eyes of children.  Read it HERE.

JTE Unveils Two New Songs!

Justin Townes Earle stopped by the Guest Apartment at Baebel Music recently to play a few songs -- including a couple new ones.

Watch the full concert at

Wild Scott H. Biram Interview in LA


Something about the antics and musical attack of Herr Biram inspires some good writing and provides some far out interview material.

Check out this interview in the LA Record as Scott talks about how much metal he's got in his body from all his accidents, locking himself in a Port-a-Potty while on mushrooms, and taking acting classes and figgering out how not to freak out around people.  It's a great read.

From the intro: "Scott H. Biram is an American hollerer with a bunch of room to himself between David Allan Coe and Jack Oblivian. He likes Black Flag but sometimes he gets weird and reedy like Dock Boggs, and he decides here that he is probably not going to take shrooms again for a little bit."

Read it all HERE


Ha Ha Tonka on Fearless Radio!

Taking a break from their busy tour schedule (the boys will be on the road from now til into the summer), Ha Ha Tonka stopped by Chicago's online radio station, Fearless Radio, for an hour-long chat that included a couple of live songs and lots of obscure Presidential trivia. Listen to the podcast here.



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