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News: November 2009

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

Bottle Rockets on SIRIUS Outlaw Country

The Bottle Rockets session at SIRIUS Satellite Radio will be airing tomorrow (11/3) at 9 pm ET and Thursday (11/5) at 11 pm ET on Channel #63 – Outlaw Country.

Take a listen.  Mark (the drummer) called us and told us it was one of the best interviews they've ever done.

Bloodshot Anniversary/Holiday Show Announced!

That's Right!  More anniversary tomfoolery, but this time for a good cause!

December 19th at the Double Door in Chicago we're throwing another affordable bash and 100% of the door goes to the recovery funds of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir** and Lawrence Peters*

Playing will be The Detroit Cobras, Dex Romweber Duo, The Blacks and the Lawrence Peters Outfit.

There will be a canned food drive (bring a couple of cans and get something nice) and you can do all that last minute Christmas shopping at our booth of wares.

Join us for some holiday cheer and some fine rock and roll.

** Read about Scotland Yard's horrible van accident here

* Who is Lawrence Peters? Lawrence is probably best known for singing The Old Black Hen on the first Magnolia Electric Company album. He also sings, and/or plays drums, or washboard, with The Golden Horse Ranch Band, Plastic Crimewave Sound, The Velcro Lewis Group, Mar Caribe, Eiren Caffall, Hardscrabble and more. Perhaps you know him as a bartender at the Hideout, or with his singing on a Bloodshot comp with Nora O'Connor and  he DJs all over.  He broke his foot in an accident this year and was unable to work and is spiralling into debt due to his medical bills.  It's our way of helping out of the unsung heroes of the Chicago scene that makes this city so great.

The Lawrence Peters Outfit is a dyed-in-the-wool honky tonk band, with bluegrass influences, in the tradition of Webb Pierce, Jimmy Martin, George Jones, Roger Miller, and Loretta Lynn. Lawrence sings, and plays snare drum, leading the band through his classic originals, and a choice selection of vintage material. The group gets it just right, with plenty of fire on the faster tunes, and that sweet country smolder on the moodier songs. This is for fans of the deep-rooted, heart-felt kind of country music that you don't often hear anymore.

Rosie Flores in Amazon top 50

Rosie's fab new album Girl of the Century was clocked in at #37 on's "Outstanding 2009 albums you may have missed."

Prove them wrong by NOT missing it.  Check out the whole list here.

Bloodshot Digest for November 6th, 2009


We here in the office are already to the bottom of our Day-Glo Pumpkin candy bucket---just a few Sweet Tarts, gumballs, packets of candy corn and one broken pixie stick that lost all its powdery goodness are left at the bottom.

Speaking of sugary delights (hey, not all segueways can be perfect), here are some tidbits that have come across our desks this week.

  • Dex Romweber appeared in Nashville alongside the LEGENDARY Charlie LouvinHere's some photos and video.
  • Chicago Sun-Times writer Jim DeRogatis gives the world an update on the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's recovery following their horrific van accident in September and previews the benefit concert at the Hideout on November 12th.  Read the article here.
  • In other Chicago-related news, we are in danger of taking our amazing music scene for granted.  For all that goes on here, we lag far behind in getting City Hall's support. Now, they are threatening to cut the budgets for public music events.  Sign the petition to make sure they know we care about our city's cultural offerings and to keep this a world class destination for music and the arts.
  • Make sure you take advantage of our Random Cool Giveaways event, wherein you can score free t's, Lps, CDs, or 7" singles for yourself as endeavor to clean off some shelves before the Holiday onslaught.
  • Finally, some sad news to report for all Chicagoans who are fond of old-school drinking establishments (that would CERTAINLY include us): Johnnie,  owner of Johnnie's Lounge (or "the Hamm's Bar" as i always knew when i lived down the street from it) on Lincoln Ave died last week.  The Bloodshot Staff Xmas dinner is held at Fernando's (due to their Queso Fundido and toxic margaritas) and we always went across the street for a nightcap(or seven) afterwards.  Much dancing, tomfoolery and Johnnie storytelling took place.  He shall be missed and the era of the local tavern, in these days of "concept" bars, mixology places and thrice filtered autumnal blueberry ales, comes one step closer to existing in our memories alone.  Read about him here.

Prosit, Johnnie and thanks.

JTE named one of's Best of 09!

Amazon's "Best of 2009" lists are out -- We've already heard about Rosie's entry into the "Outstanding Albums You May Have Missed" list, but we've got another winner! Justin Townes Earle is named's #8 Best Country album and one of Amazon's "Top 100 Songs of 2009! With endorsements like that, you can bet Midnight at the Movies will be a great gift for anyone on your Christmaskah list this year.

Bloodshot Digest: 11-11-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "I'm So Pissed FOX Cancelled Dollhouse" Edition:

  • No Depression has been hard-at-work digitizing its back issues for the web. This week, they featured Scott H Biram's cover story from a few years back -- fans new to Scott's work can read about the horrific car crash Biram survived, and recovered from, with determination and humor.
  • Speaking of surviving, we're happy to report SYGC continues to heal from their van accident. We're told that Mark's now able to take walks, and should be able to go home soon. There's another benefit show for the band tomorrow night at the venue, and our just-announced holiday show at The Double Door will also aid the band. Gapers Block has the rundown here.


New Double LPs get a great review

"Bloodshot Reissues a pair of gems"

So sayeth Banner Graphic.   Read the review of the Old 97s and Alejandro Escovedo special edition Double LPs here.

Sometimes We Just Want To Give Up

Ok, look, we work hard here.  We love the bands and artists we represent.  We have kissed normal lives and paychecks goodbye to be here, to sing the praises of music we feel has merit and meaning, to do our part to keep the forces of mediocrity and dim-wittedness at bay.  Countless hours are spent screaming into the void, hoping that what we do is noticed by some discerning ears and that the culture is made just a little, tiny bit better.

Then we get news like this.

Seriously, people, is this the best we can do as a culture?  It really makes us want to kick a bucket of gasoline over in the office, turn our backs as the sirens arrive, and disappear into the woods.  We may or may not be armed.

Please, help save what little shreds of dignity remain in the musical landscape and put a stop to this madness.  Fine, don't buy Bloodshot.  But at least go buy some Ray Charles, or Cramps or Peggy Lee  or Sham 69 or George Jones or Black Flag or Little Walter, SOMETHING of merit.

It's hard enough to get out of bed sometimes, but I think we'll all be coming in late tomorrow.


New Dex Romweber Duo Video

Here's a nifty new video for the song "People, Places and Things" from the Duo's release Ruins of Berlin.  It's on YouTube and Vimeo. It's got some oooooolllldddd footage of Dex, too.

Stephenie Meyer talks Ha Ha Tonka

It's no secret that there are a couple of Twi-hards in the office (even Rob knows enough about the movie to make fun of it), so we nearly lost our shit when we were sent this video of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer namechecking Ha Ha Tonka at the red carpet premiere of "New Moon." Say what you will about the series, but you have to give Ms. Meyer props for supporting young bands -- each of the Twilight series books includes a playlist of the music that inspired her while writing. Thanks, Steph!


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