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News: October 2009

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

New Scott H. Biram video on Blurt.

Check out wildman Scott's weepy side on this new video "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" directed by Blake Judd on Blurt Online.

Bloodshot Digest: 10-13-09

The But The Weatherman Promised Me Snow edition:

  • After swearing at me about how STUPID Twitter is, Scott H Biram went and joined it. You can follow him @ScottHBiram. In 140 characters or less, Biram's been regaling us with tales from his current US tour—check out the dates and see if he'll be headed your way.
  • Perfect Sound Forever has an interview with Exene, where she talks about moving back to LA, where the punk scene is now, and how she almost changed her last name -- You can read it here.
  • The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is continuing to recover from its van accident last month, but good news is coming in: Mark is out of ICU; Gibson is replacing the guitar Mary lost in the wreck; and WOXY / will be featuring SYGC as their band of the week on Thursday!
  • In more SYGC news, both Subterranean and The Hideout in Chicago have generously donated nights for benefit shows -- Halloween eve at Sub-T will feature BBU, Canasta, New Duncan Imperials, Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers, along w/ appearances from members of SYGC. Meanwhile, the Hideout announced a benefit on November 12 featuring The 1900s and Brighton, MA. You can read more about these shows here.


Exene to play memorial to Amy Farris

Exene will perform at a memorial for Amy Farris at the Continental Club in Austin on October 21st.  For details go here.

Also appearing will be Dave Alvin, Jon Dee Graham, Kelly Willis and others.

Amy's contributions to Exene's new album were invaluable and she will be deeply missed in all the communities she touched.

Coach House Sounds Launch Party to Benefit Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Coach House Sounds, a Chicago-based website, is having a lauch party on Tuesday, November 10th @ The Whistler, 8 pm FREE!

Features performances by Animal City, Zing! and Classical Revolution of Chicago.

Raffle prizes from Bloodshot, Drag City, Contraphonic Records, Busy Beaver Buttons, and CHIRP.  Proceeds from the raffle will go to the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir recovery fund.

SYGC recorded for Coach House earlier this year.  Check it out here.

Ha Ha Tonka announces tour with Cross Canadian Ragweed!

Ozark boys Ha Ha Tonka have announced teaming up with Oklahoma boys Cross Canadian Ragweed for a month long tour in the US starting on November 28th in Indianapolis and hitting the Midwest and East Coast.

A double bill to be reckoned with, friends.  For a complete listing, go here

Exene Cervenka Interviews

The thing with some artists is that they haven't been around long enough to have interesting stories.  Not so with Exene.  She's a living part of music history and when she gets rolling on some stories, they are a hoot to read.

Here's a couple good 'uns that have come our way recently.  Culturebelly talks with her about art and the creation thereof, and then a video interview (with performance footage and X music) on Shockhound.  Good stuff.  G'head, you might learn sumthin'.

Rosie Flores Story

Here's a nice long review and interview with Rosie Flores about her new album Girl of the Century.  She talks about the album title and artwork, meeting Johnny Cash at an airport, looking more like Jimmy Buffett than the Man in Black

A Quick Re-cap of the Tempe 15 Year Party!

Well, here we are, back in Chicago after a whirlwind 36 hours in the Valley of the Sun.   The forecast for us?  Cloudy, drizzle and in the low 50's all week (why did we leave again?).  It seems like only yesterday we were all parading around the hotel pool in our Speedos ordering Bloody Marys from the cabana boy.  Oh wait, it was.

Anyway, we wanted to thank all of you who came out on a perfect evening and supported the cause.  Everyone at the Sail Inn was super nice to us, and all the regulars who were sipping beers from their personal-sized pitchers all day helped moved stuff around and pitch in.  The BBQ from Honey Bear's was top notch, and, forgive me fellow members of the Shrine of the Holy Smoked Pig, the beans were almost soooo good as to outshine the pulled pork.  Damn, they were tasty.

We're sorry Justin couldn't make it, but when he cancels a show, you can be sure there is a damn good reason behind it.  We'll make sure he gets out there soon.

Thanks to all folks of Tempe who were giddy at such an event being held in town.  So many of you were so appreciative of it, it makes all the logistics going into it worthwhile.  We also want to tip our proverbial hats to the folks we who came from such far flung places as Oklahoma City, Reno, Santa Barbara, Albuquerque, Durango, and many other locales.  It really and truly means a lot to us.

Thanks to all the great support from local record shops for spreading the word.  You folks there are lucky to have them around.  There are a lot of places that have chosen not to support local music stores and they are the poorer for losing them.  Buy local.

Finally, we want to say how great it was to see a some of our old buddies from local heroes the Grevious Angels, one of the first bands to be stupid (or canny?) enough to record for us.  They were there BEFORE the gold-plated Hummers and platinum walking sticks.

Thanks again for coming.  We still think you are all insane for living in a desert (keep your hands off our Great Lakes), but you showed you can come together and partake in a grand party.


Bloodshot Digest: 10-27-09

The "I am Chuck Bass" Edition

  • Big news, Upper East Siders! In this week's episode of Gossip Girl, you can hear "One Night Stand" from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's new album, ... and the horse you rode in on! Listen about 3 minutes into the ep, when Nate brings over to Dan's Brooklyn loft a movie starring his new girlfriend Olivia and ... oh ... Anyway, SYGC lives in Gossip Girl infamy here.
  • Speaking of the Old 97s, you can now PRE-ORDER our upcoming reissue of Wreck Your Life -- a double-LP featuring WRL as well as all the Bloodshot 7''s the first time on vinyl! This is a VERY limited-edition run -- Pre-order it now, before it's gone!

Jon Langford hitting Europe on a Kevin Coyne Tribute tour

We are pleased to announce that the final dates and artist line-up for the long-awaited Kevin Coyne tribute concerts in Belgium can now be confirmed.

All the dates are scheduled for this December at the following venues:

Fri. Dec. 11th - Muze en Meisse, Brussels
Sat. Dec. 12th - N9, Eeklo
Mon. Dec. 14th - Fagot, Ingelmunster
Thu. Dec. 17th - GC de Steenhoven, Herzele
Fri. Dec. 18th - Centrale, Ghent
Sat. Dec. 19th - Stadsschouwburg, Brugge

The performers who are coming together to pay tribute to Kevin share a long history with him, as musical collaborators, friends and family -- and all of them as fans.

Forming the nucleus of the band for the six dates will be: Jon Langford (guitar), Wreckless Eric (bass), Amy Rigby (guitar and keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums) and Robert Coyne (guitar).

Frans Joseph Goof will also be appearing at all the shows and Brendan Croker at all except the gig in Eeklo on the 12th.

Eugene Coyne will join the band for the final three shows in Herzele, Ghent and Brugge, with Patrick Riguelle also appearing at the final Brugge date and Erik Van Den Broeck playing at selected dates throughout the tour.

The setlist of songs will be drawn from every period of Kevin Coyne's long career, with each participant singing their own particular favourites prompted by their personal memories of Kevin.

We hope that you'll be able to join us to remember and celebrate the life, work and lasting influence of this great artist.

For further details on venues and reservation please go to the website



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