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News: November 2008

Keep up on what's happening with the Bloodshot gang!

I'm Not Jim's Jonathan Letham talks music on eMusic

I'm Not Jim's author half Jonathan Letham talks music on eMusic. It's a great, in-depth interview on the process of recording  the album and of Jonathan's longstanding obsession with music.  Give a listen here.

Trailer for the Andre Williams Documentary

Go here to see a trailer for the documentary "Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year in the Life of Andre Williams" that debuted at the SXSW 2008 Film Festival

This film followed Andre around the world, the ups and downs, and a lot of footage of the recording of Can You Deal  With It? Fascinating,  hilarious, scary and sad.  All Andre.

We will keep you posted on theatrical showings of the film.

Justin Earle on The Musicians Life

The Musicians Life is a radio series on WXPN in Philadelphia that examines the everyday lives of musicians from the artists themselves, from the creative to the mundane.

Hear Justin talk about life on the road and hear some songs.  Show is archived here.

Ha Ha Tonka -- in the studio, and on camera!

The boys in Ha Ha Tonka are hard at work in St Louis this holiday season, recording their follow up to the band's lauded debut, Buckle in the Bible Belt. Keeping up with its appearance as Bloodshot's "Most Wired" band -- with all their blogging and Vlogging and Twittering -- the Tonkers have outfitted their studio with a couple of web cams, so you can watch them live (!) as they record the new record. The new record (Title TBA) will be out in spring 09, but you can hear new material NOW if you catch the band on the road.

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