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Full of ambition and a palpable sense of renewed determination, Zoysia leaps from the speakers and takes you on that long, strange trip.

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Zoysia is a silver bullet example of The Bottle Rockets' tenaciousness. Produced by Jeff Powell (Afghan Whigs, 16 Horsepower) at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis (Al Green, Big Star) and captured largely in two or three takes, Zoysia represents the city where it was recorded; honeydew sweet with its own unique groove.

On the heels of a litany of knee-jerking changes measuring 4 years deep, this album finds the band (Brian Henneman--guitar/ vocals, Mark Ortmann--drums, John Horton--guitar, and newest and final member, Keith Voegele--bass/vocals) the proudest they've ever been of any other recorded works.

With Zoysia, the Bottle Rockets nail the scruffy romantic, dirty fingernail rock of the Midwest and soak up the soulful vibes that ooze from the historic walls of Ardent Studios, all the while channeling some serious cascading Crazy Horse squall. Lyrically, the band's underdog outlook finds the optimism on the other side of the screen door. Add it all up and what you get is something that's all its own, something that is pure Bottle Rockets.

Full of ambition and a palpable sense of renewed determination, Zoysia leaps from the speakers and takes you on that long, strange trip. Like the hardy, creeping grass after which it's named, Zoysia takes hold and won't let go--its roots run deep and wide, reminding you why you fell in love with the band in the first place.


Middle Man
Happy Anniversary
(Check out the guitar battle/freakout!!)

Short Description
  • Zoysia (I don't know what it means either) is their best album ever — tuneful, soulful, and best of all, loud.

    — Novelist Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly
  • Their sharp-edged sound sweeps from Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Band, with stops in between for Creedence, the Rolling Stones, the Replacements and several other titans. That's about as big a compliment as can be given in 2009, and this band has earned every inch of it. Luckily, Lean Forward is the best album they've ever made.

    — KUSP, Santa Cruz, CA
  • The Bottle Rockets recount ordinary problems--sometimes romantic misadventures and inner turmoil, but also more characteristically, day-to-day hassles and joys--with a self-deprecating, good-hearted wit.

    — The New York Times
  • On its 11 tracks, Zoysia sounds ineffably confident, even cocksure in places, as though crafted by a quartet that hadn't yet sniffed the abattoir stench of the music biz.

    — Playback STL
  • While it's not a title they'd likely embrace, there's no doubt The Bottle Rockets are the best American band no one has heard about. Their new set, Zoysia, is another triumph. These guys write real songs and are capable of bringing the thunder when it's needed. People need to start paying attention.

    — Cape Cod Times
  • With no end to the current polarized climate in the US on the horizon, it's nice that there are at least a few voices of reason standing up for the simple foundations of democracy. Bottle Rockets front man Brain Henneman has earned a place in this group, almost by default over a seven album career, through his clever, even-handed tirades, both against the PC forces and the neo-cons in between the bands no nonsense blue collar rock.

    — exclaim
  • Party-minded listeners can just turn up the volume and rock. ***1/2

    — Chicago Sun Times

Track List

  • 1. Better Than Broken
  • 2. Middle Man
  • 3. I Quit
  • 4. Happy Anniversary
  • 5. Blind
  • 6. Mountain to Climb
  • 7. Align Yourself
  • 8. Suffering Servant
  • 9. Feeling Down
  • 10. Where I'm From
  • 11. Zoysia


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