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Yuma EP

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A young songwriter honing his craft and getting his Guthrie on.

Full Description

Originally self-released by Justin so he would have something to sell on the road, we re-issued it in 2008 so that more folks will be able to hear a young songwriter honing his craft and getting his Guthrie on. 6 songs, and it's just him, a guitar, some mandolin and harmonica.

Short Description
  • There are still artists out there who revere the deep roots of the American musical tradition while still pushing the boundaries to create something new and wonderful.

    — PopMatters
  • [Full of] emotional transparency and simplicity.

    — Paste
  • A voice that's rich with vulnerability and suggestion. The surname 'Earle' may or may not impress you. But as the title track's tragedy unfolds—and Earle's storytelling gifts become apparent, his middle name takes on a striking resonance, too. Bottom line: You won't need a molecular biologist to help you spot this young man's musical DNA.

    — Harp Magazine

Track List

  • 1. The Ghost of Virginia
  • 2. You Can't Leave
  • 3. Yuma
  • 4. I Don't Care
  • 5. Let The Waters Rise
  • 6. A Desolate Angels Blues


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