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  1. You've Got Some Cheating To Do
  2. Your Favorite Fool
  3. Take it Back (Before You Mean It)
  4. Gotta Get Back to Forgetting You [MP3]
  5. Golden Ring (duet w/ Kelly Hogan)
  6. I Don't Feel It Anymore
  7. Promise to be Honest
  8. Let's Just Call It Love
  9. Another Bad Habit of Mine
  10. I Should Be Gone By Now

"The next great George Jones album is here and Rex Hobart has recorded it." —Red Deer Advocate

"The Misery Boys have crafted a timeless sound -- straight, hard country that exposes the broken hearts in all of us." —Chicago Sun-Times

Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys Your Favorite Fool

BS 094 2002 $5.49
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We've heard that there's this thing called "emo" that's popular these days. Well, Rex and the Boys play emo in it's most pure and classic form; hardcore honky-tonk heartbreak. And with Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam's right hand man) at the controls for this release, they deliver their most perfect, polished effort.

This is the kind of straight-up, chasers-are-for-Nancy-boys honky tonk you just can't get anymore. Sure, the glitzy Nashville pretenders pay wistful lip service to stuff like this on those hokey awards shows (usually in between video homages to Brooks and Dunn and a lifetime achievement to Garth Brooks), but you have to go to the clubs to hear Rex and the Boys bang it out for real. Spot on songwriting and sawdust smart musicianship make this a grand listen. There is even a wicked duet with Kelly Hogan ("Golden Ring").

This disc scoots and swings, swoons and sighs, and leaves a greasy $20 bill on the bar as a tip. Perfect music to keep time to by banging a longneck on the bar.



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