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Your Country

Features an absolutely enchanting duet with Lucinda Williams on "Cruel Lips."

Makes touchstones out of Neil Young’s "Harvest" and the Stones’ "Dead Flowers" as easily as Tammy Wynette’s "Stand by Your Man," ranges freely from blistering rock to the lonesomeness of a weary troubadour.

Full Description

Anything for a good time, anything for a goes the opening track, a lilting mid-tempo beauty that could have been left off Dylan's Nashville Skyline.  "Almost Thanksgiving Day" and "Nation of Shopkeepers" have rightly worked their way into GP's solo canon of classics, while "Queen of Compromise," "Tornado Alley" and the re-worked song made famous by Dave Edmunds "Crawling from the Wreckage" whip out a vibe between rockabilly and pure honky tonk.

A remarkable record from a remarkable songwriter. The knife is still sharp, but Parker's clever enough to use it at just the right time.

Anything For A Laugh
Cruel Lips
Nation of Shopkeepers
Crawling for the Wreckage

Short Description
  • In feel is reminiscent of Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey period...yet Parker has lost none of his lyrical sharpness.

    — Uncut UK
  • Think of a fantasy blend of John Hiatt, Bob Dylan and Robert Earl Keen. This is different terrain for Parker, though it's anything but forced or contrived.

    — OC Weekly
  • Parker has been regularly dropping good-to-great albums for the past couple of decades. This is one of the great ones, a Brit's take on Americana that reveals Parker's always formidable songwriting chops are as well honed as ever.

    — Entertainment Weekly
  • GP's latest is the most impressive exhibition of songwriting I've heard in a long, long time. This veteran has become an alchemist, creating nuggets of real-world gold from mere words and tones ... His lyrics are so tightly intertwined as to amaze and delight even the most jaded. Graham is operating on more levels than most contemporary songwriters are even aware exist.

    — Austin American-Statesman
  • Still a touch bilious, and still quite brilliant. 4 stars.

    — MOJO

Track List

  • 1. Anything for a Laugh
  • 2. The Rest is History
  • 3. Cruel Lips (duet w/Lucinda Williams)
  • 4. Almost Thanksgiving Day
  • 5. Nation of Shopkeepers
  • 6. Queen of Compromise
  • 7. Things I've Never Said
  • 8. SugareeTornado Alley
  • 9. Fairground
  • 10. Crawling from the Wreckage (Revisited)


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