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  1. I'll Be Around [MP3]
  2. Flat Chested Girl from Maynardville
  3. Mehan
  4. Bullet Through My Teeth
  5. The Monk At The Disco
  6. Dig Down
  7. What Difference Does It Make
  8. The Ending [MP3]
  9. untitled
  10. Stay In Texas
  11. Painting Her Fingernails

"Without necessarily trying, he's figured out how to match the energy of punk rock with the lyrical sophistication of classic country." —No Depression

"A surprisingly stunning set of songs which show off a skill and depth that were only hinted at on his earlier albums. In a lackluster musical year full of hype and hollowness, YCSL is a subtle tour de force." —Nashville Rage

"A refreshing and exhilarating offering, one brimming with irresistible hooks and infectious melodies that make a daunting impression even on first hearing. YCSL puts Bare in a league of his own." —Amplifier

Bobby Bare, Jr Young Criminals' Starvation League

BS 089 2002 $7.95
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A post-punk platter of psychedelic melancholy.

Young Criminals' Starvation League flirts with Beatles-like harmonies, a fascination with early 70's classic country, and some gen-u-ine Nashville soul, but also delivers a quick sucker punch to the past through literate, biting songwriting.

What emerges is a smarter, softer, but somehow still menacing Bobby Bare Jr. It's poignant, it's expressive, it can be funny (the best humor is born of pain, remember), and it can be mournful. The backing talents of folks like Paul Burch, Paul Niehaus (Calexico), and a smooth horn section give it a vibe that gets under your skin and will have you howling at the moon. Some of these songs and melodies bore into your brain like a diamond scalpel. The amps might not be as loud, but that's so you can hear the words.

"This oddball gem of a solo project offers a surprise with practically every cut. Where his Bare Jr. band typically scorches its way through Southern-fried rock, frontman Bobby Bare Jr. here takes a quieter and stranger approach." —