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  1. Mr. October
  2. Towtruck
  3. After Mild Winter
  4. Howard
  5. Amanda Morning
  6. Drink 'Til I'm Sober [MP3]
  7. The Pitchers Gave Up
  8. Walks Into
  9. Uncomplicated [MP3]
  10. Elevated Plane
  11. Lonely Gains
  12. Missing Persons
  13. Meter Running in a Crashed Cab
  14. Hoping For A Comeback

"You Are All My People floats through a woozy middle ground between The Mountain Goats' storytelling economy and art-pop's habit of letting convention loose with the wind. Wandering through a forest of burned-out pop songwriting, folk simplicity and avant-garde stretches, I'm Not Jim hangs together not from a tightly built central idea, but by its ability to have so much fun playing around." —

"[Some] songs have a gleaming hard edge...and elsewhere they've created crisp little pop tunes with choruses that sound like forgotten hits from decades old rock radio stations." —Ken Tucker Fresh Air/NPR Radio

I'm Not Jim You Are All My People

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"The songwriting reveals a collective mind steeped in rock 'n' roll verities. 'Uncomplicated' feels like an emergency water-landing engineered by a party of drunks. And the brilliant 'Elevated Plane' gets I'm Not Jim up above the fray, where they don't belong, celebrating the same old indecision with an assurance that real life seldom demonstrates." —Village Voice

"I'm Not Jim delivers songs that border on flat-out rock 'n' roll: the bluesy and defiant 'Drink ‘Til I'm Sober'; the punchy, snarling 'Towtruck'; and the Petty-esque sing-along 'Uncomplicated.' 'Elevated Plane,' meanwhile, is further evidence that Salas-Humara's gift for producing grabby melodies with seemingly little effort remains intact more than 20 years into his career." —Blurt

I'm Not Jim is a genre-bending collaboration between the renowned novelist Jonathan Lethem ("Motherless Brooklyn," "Fortress of Solitude") and the great American songwriter Walter Salas-Humara of the Silos. The two were mutual admirers and met in a bar in New Orleans and thought of a way to combine their artistry.

So what exactly do these songs sound like? Lethem and Humara’s songwriting takes the ordinary pop, folk, or blues song and makes it the occasion for what you might call ‘serious play’ – every lyric is grounded in emotion, but emotion twisted by language and wit into something recognizeable but new.

The melodies that spring from Walter’s voice fitting itself to these unexpected syllables push the strength and warmth of his Silos work to a new range, sometimes featuring a Dylanesque self-consciousness or humor, sometimes a Nick Drake introspection. And when the skewed brilliance of the songs meets the paisley-pop-electronic-remix chops of Maxwell and Hernandez – the Elegant Too – the result always cuts against simple interpretation, pushing all the charm toward menace, and the sorrow toward ecstasy.

"Fascinating. 'Uncomplicated' sounds like an unlikely cross between Steve Earle, Neutral Milk Hotel and the skewed pop at which Salas-Humara excels in his day job." —Toronto Star

"Salas-Humara’s vocals naturally evoke the minimalist rock of the Silos, but Lethem gives the listener plenty to chew on: His lyrics turn edgy, enigmatic and mournful, and the players respond in kind. While so many side projects seem designed more for musicians than fans, I’m Not Jim is a unique and winning collaboration." —Texas Monthly

"In many ways, Lethem couldn¹t have picked a better partner, since the Silos have steadfastly stuck to a uniquely American literary songwriting tradition that has weathered the arrivals of both alt-rock and alt-country...[Lethem] pulls it off in large part precisely because he doesn't attempt to reinvent the wheel, instead allowing his instincts to craft detailed, character-driven vignettes tied together by the modern-day ennui found in his best prose." —EXCLAIM!



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